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29 Jul 2008, 15:00
i go to User Albums -- > Album Picture Storage Type

Move pictures within the file system

and i made sure to chmode 777

Full Picture File Path

Thumbnail File Path

URL to Thumbnails

however mmost of the picture doesnt display on the forum

but only few picture shows up but most of them dont
i got these add on

Cyb - PayPal Donate 4.5 Cyb - PayPal Donate

Cyb - Sub-Forum Manager 2.4 Cyb - Sub-Forum Manager

Donation Bar 1.1.0 Donation Bar For vBulletin 3.6.X

DownloadsII 5.0.8 A Download Database for vB

Force Users to Read a Thread 2.0 This hack allows you to specify a thread that you would like users to read. They would not be able to do anything else on the forum before reading it.

MGC chatbox Evo 0.5.0 Fully remade MGC Chatbox

Personal Notepad 4.0 Give users a personal notepad they can store text in.

Post Thank You Hack 7.6 Post Thank You Hack

Prevent Doubleposts 1.0 This Modification prevents doubleposts by merging post together, if the last poster of a thread tries to post again.

Shoutcast Status Forumhome 2.0 Shoutcast Status Forumhome 2.0

TCattd - The Image Resizer 1.2.3 Automatically resize posted images (external or attachs), now with Lytebox or Highslide!. [vb3.6 version: Spleasure. Re-Port to vb3.7 and extended by TCattitude]

TfSEO 2.0.5 TfSEO: the free vBulletin url rewrite

Topic Of The Week_Month Nomination 1.51 Topic Of The Week_Month Nomination

vB Google Search Cloud 1.0.5 Adds Google Search Cloud.

vBadvanced CMPS 3.0.1 vBadvanced Content Management & Portal System

29 Jul 2008, 15:39
When you moved them, did it say they were all moved successfully? Are you getting an error when trying to view them?

29 Jul 2008, 15:57
Yes it says all files was moved successfully and 0 images error

i only get the error image not available

29 Jul 2008, 16:03
Do you have a link so we can see this error (and perhaps a test account if we need to be logged in). Also, have you checked to see if this attachment is actually present on the server in the correct location? You mention doing this for the thumbnails, I assume you also did it for the actual attachments folder to (did the correct permissions)?

29 Jul 2008, 16:13
YEs, as for attachement it worked perfectly well.

i can pm you the test account and the link

29 Jul 2008, 20:13
Just an update on this (and a request for suggestions)...

I went to a page on the site that was showing the problems... a page that is supposed to have several thumbnail pictures but instead only shows some with the alt text showing for the others. I looked at the source code to make sure it was all spit out correctly and it is all there. I then got the image location for one working thumbnail and one non-working thumbnail and put each into the browser. As expected, the working one shows up, the non-working one gives me a vbulletin error (Invalid Forum specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator). I then logged onto the server to see if the file exists there. I found both files in the same folder. I download both the files and I can view both of them on my computer. They are both jpegs with the same owner, group, and permissions (666). As far as I can see, they are comparable files.

I'm at a loss as to what to suggest next. I suggested looking at the attachment table and comparing the columns for these two files to see if there are any vbulletin type differences, but that's the only other thing I can think of to look at. Anyone?

Marco van Herwaarden
30 Jul 2008, 07:33
Might be easiest to trouble shoot this in a support ticket. First however check if this is not caused by a modification by following these steps:

To troubleshoot this, please remove any hacks and disable your plugins, then see if you still have this problem.
Note: To temporarily disable the plugin system, edit config.php and add this line right under <?php

define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true);

If so, reupload all the original vB non-image files (except install.php). Make sure you upload these in ASCII format and overwrite the ones on the server.

If your problem still exists, please create a new Style with no Parent set. Now browse the forum using this new style, do you still have the same problems? If you are troubleshooting login or guest issues, you will need to set this style as board default in the vBulletin Options.

30 Jul 2008, 16:48
Also dont you need to rebuild the thumbnails after moving?

30 Jul 2008, 19:48
Yes, i need to rebuild the thumbnails which i did.

even if i disabled the plugins and now removed all hacks it still remains the same.. I will try with the vbulletin support again.

creating the default skin was still the same,. I did all the standard procedure what vb.com normally ask