View Full Version : cant post on forums

killa seven
29 Jul 2008, 21:43
our site went down earlier tonight and when we got it back up we couldnt no longer post, it comes up as a line 451 error.. anyone know how to fix this?

29 Jul 2008, 22:47
Can you post the complete error for us?

Also, did you optimize/repair your database table when the forum came back up?

29 Jul 2008, 23:15
You need to give a bit more detail, so what page does this happen? Newreply.php? Newthread.php? Showthread.php?

First try reuploading the affected file, then post the error here.

killa seven
29 Jul 2008, 23:45
when you post on any thread on the sitea white screen comes up with this message

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /home/rapfeind/public_html/forums/newreply.php on line 451

30 Jul 2008, 03:04
Have you tried reuploading the newreply.php file? What is on line 451 of your newreply.php file?