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09 Aug 2008, 20:38

This tutorial will show you how to make different shaped. Buttons. I will be making a "New Thread" Button.

1. Start off by opening up photoshop and creating a new document. My size I used was 150x100 Pixels.

2. Take the "Pen tool" And make a shape similar to this one. With a black background.

3. Go to Edit>Transform>Warp. Then start moving the points to the desire shape you'd like it to look like. When done Hit Enter

4. Add a gradient over the image You can do this by going to Layers>Layer Style>Gradient Overlay Then select something similar to what I have here. Making the middle Point darker then then the others. Or you can simply use your own gradient at your own desire.

5. Adding a stroke. This will help the image form right by adding this it will also add a nice effect afterwards. Doing the same as before go to "Storke" In the layer styles panel. Then use these settings or something similar that you'd like.

6. Adding an outer glow. this is optional but I like the effects it has on Depth of the image. Again in the same Panel. Click "Outer Glow" Then be sure you have "Blend Mode" (Drop Down) set to "Normal" Then use these settings or your own.
Note: If you feel the glow is to strong you can just change the opacity
7. Add an arrow by selecting the "Pen tool" and clicking the shapes drop down menu to add an arrow similar to this
Tip: If you feel it is to big, you can alway resize by hitting "Ctrl + T" Be sure to hold the Shift key to ensure it is equally proportioned in this process

8. I added The text using the "Helioscod" Font If you need this font please contact me and I can arrage getting it for you :)

Final Out come

For more tutorials. Please check out my website - TransverseGFX.com Tutorial Written for vBulletin.org. Copyrighted images are only to be used at this site.

10 Aug 2008, 17:11
good article :up:

thank you

LG Alex
17 Aug 2008, 19:29
Cool tutorial Man its great.

17 Aug 2008, 23:55
It's a good article, but can you upload some image examples you've made with this tutorial so I can see what the outcome is?

Alex LD
18 Aug 2008, 18:36
It's a good article, but can you upload some image examples you've made with this tutorial so I can see what the outcome is?

Here is his preview he posted


19 Aug 2008, 00:44
Oh, okay. Just hadn't loaded the images for me, likely because some site was down or something. Looks very nice.

10 Jan 2009, 03:34
Great stuff, thanks!