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10 Aug 2008, 23:18
Orange Grove is my second attempt at creating a vBuletin style. My first was Crimson Tide.
This style is simple, clean but attractive IMHO.

It is for use with version 3.7.2 so I am not sure if it will work on other versions.

This style uses a fluid width. If someone needs a fixed width, let me know.

DEMO can be seen here (http://jctest.com/orange grove/).

I hope you like it. If you do, please mark as installed.


11 Aug 2008, 03:03
thanks bro

11 Aug 2008, 12:15
Excellent ;)

11 Aug 2008, 16:23
This is great, exactly what I need. Can you also add Thanks button to go with this theme?

11 Aug 2008, 16:53
Sorry, Can you explain "Thanks" button?
Where do you want to place a "Thanks" button?

11 Aug 2008, 22:26
yes, 'post thank you hack' places an image on each post, would be nice if matched the theme


Why is there a new 'orange grove fixed' ??

12 Aug 2008, 02:43
Hi Jayzy1,

I am not familiar with the hack. Is the hack on this site?
The Orange Grove Fixed is a Fixed Width version. This one is the fluid version.

12 Aug 2008, 02:46
excellent theme. wont be installing it because im looking for more darker themes, but this is nice

12 Aug 2008, 04:49
What colors were you looking for Corndog235?

12 Aug 2008, 05:25
I like the colors and graphics. Only problem is that the buttons have a black jagged edge around them.

For the thanks button, just make a matching postbit button with Thanks on it. Save it as post_thanks.gif
It's an extremely popular add-on, I'm surprised you've missed it.

12 Aug 2008, 06:13
Thanks Ohiosweetheart,

I'll check it out. I'll look at the buttons also.