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Mark Dunnigan
18 Aug 2008, 19:19
This is my first Admin Control Panel CSS is over 3 years, I've released several others under another username here that I can't remember. I'm a little rusty, so, cut me some slack.

This is a simplistic red and silver/gray style. It's very easy on the eyes, and is based off of the default style created by Coleman over at my community RemarkablyStupid.com.

19 Aug 2008, 18:42
Love the red buddy, looks very nice. Good job!

19 Aug 2008, 22:47
Definitely using this - thanks! =]

25 Aug 2008, 00:06
Fantastic, thank you.

Mark Dunnigan
27 Aug 2008, 04:09
I've updated the settings of the first post, since there was a new vB update released today. The CSS is compatible with a 3.7.x versions. I haven't tried it on other versions, I'm not sure if the CSS was modified any in other versions so I'm not going to say it's for the entire vB3 product line. If anyone knows whether or not there were any changes, I'll edit it again.

Also, I will be releasing a "flavor" set within the next few weeks of this CSS, including several color variations. Are there any particular colors you guys would like to see included?

23 Feb 2009, 11:49
Thanks :)
Downloaded, but not installed yet.

Really nice skinn..
All the Best