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Dr Diablo
21 Aug 2008, 01:33
None of my forum (http://www.omanserv.com/forum)'s content is showing up on Google search even though i have turned on search engine spiders to archive the forum.. How can i have my forum become visible on google?


21 Aug 2008, 02:36
your robots.txt is blocking your entire site from getting cralwed.

Remove the robots.txt file, or enter the proper settings. Here is a good vBulletin Robots.txt (http://seotips4.com/2008/03/25/vbulletin-robotstxt) file to use.

Dr Diablo
21 Aug 2008, 14:33
Yesssss.. That should take care of the problem. The old robots.txt file contained this

User-agent: *
Disallow: /
Disabled everything

I used the vbulletin version you gave me, so it should work fine now.. Thanks a million :D

Dr Diablo
24 Aug 2008, 02:11
It has been four days since i fixed the robots.txt file, i can see google spiders on my Whos Online board, but none of my threads' content appears on google yet.. I tried searching using the exact title of a thread on my forum and the search returned no results.. Is something wrong here, or does this thing need more time?

24 Aug 2008, 02:49
It will take a while. It takes 24-48hrs from the time you fixed it for the search bots to get the new version.

Then you can expect up to 1-3 weeks before you start showing in the results

Joey Link
02 Sep 2008, 19:06
If I don't have a robots.txt everything should be listed, right?

Digital Jedi
02 Sep 2008, 19:14
Probably, but it will still take time to be reindexed.

03 Sep 2008, 02:51
If I don't have a robots.txt everything should be listed, right?

Typically yes, though there are chances and factors that could also mean you dont get listed such as being banned from the search engines for black hat techniques and yada yada

05 Sep 2008, 23:00
can you tell me what you mean by black hat tech ?

08 Sep 2008, 21:31
Google it!

Black hat techniques are "optimization" methods that if the search engines find out your using you'll get penalized or removed from the indexes.

12 Sep 2008, 17:41
I would install the vbseo sitemap plugin and submit to the search engines.