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21 Aug 2008, 10:54
vBulletin RSS2HTML Integration
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This tutorial will tell you how to display any RSS feed on your forum home page. Ex: I've used my wordpress blog RSS feed, taken the 5 latest posts, the first 150 characters of the post, and used this method, to display them on my forumhome.

This is simple, easy, and only takes a few minutes outside if you want to customize the table it displays in. There maybe other ways of doing this, maybe even easier ways, but I couldn't find any good ones.

To get started, download and extract the free rss2html files and unzip them in a folder of your choice on your computer.


Next connect to your FTP program, upload the rss2html.php, sample-template.html and the FeedForAll_XMLParser.inc.php files into your forum root. (same location as forumdisplay.php)

Go to this URL: http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/FORUM/rss2html.php?buildURL

Enter the location of the feed you want to display.
(ex: http://seotips4.com/feed)

Enter the location of the template you want to use (if you left the name sample-template.html you'd enter http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/FORUM/sample-template.html)

Enter the number of news items you want to display, and either check or do not check the "future items" box. (thats pretty self explanatory)

Wait for it to do its magical calculations to be performed and it will spit back at you a ton of useless information, with one good line of code you need.

You'll want to find and locate the code under the heading TEST LINK it will look something similar to: Copy this you'll need it in about 5 seconds.


Next you'll want to create a plugin at the appriopate location, either global_start (to be able to display the code anywhere, or forumhome_start for just forumhome). I've used the forumhome_start hook location.
(vBulletin AdminCP -> Plugins and Products -> Add New Plugin)
I left my execution order at 5 for those who will eventually ask.

Next for the plugin code enter:

$rss2html = implode('', file('THAT FANCY LINK CODE FROM ABOVE'));


$rss2html = implode('', file('http://seotips4.com/forum/rss2html.php?XMLFILE=http://seotips4.com/feed&TEMPLATE=http://seotips4.com/forum/sample-template.html&MAXITEMS=5'));

Finally, open your forumhome template (or any template you set it up for) and place where you want your block to appear.


Attached is my sample-template.html file
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