View Full Version : PHP-GD for Fedora Core 6 i686

21 Aug 2008, 15:08
My server is charging me 25-50 euro to install PHP-GD on my dedicated server and I won't have that. Does ANYONE know the SSH command line I should use? I have done it once for CentOS but this is my first time using Fedora Core 6 i686 Linux Redhat. If anyone knows, please respond asap.

P.S. I don't want to pay anyone else to do 30 seconds worth of work, so please don't offer. Just need the command line.

21 Aug 2008, 19:51
Its most likely the same exact thing. Normally you need to compile GD with php when you install it.

22 Aug 2008, 11:07
RedHat EL == CentOS
Fedora == RedHat's Testing Ground

It is basically the same thing, as the poster above has said. You can most likely install it exactly like on CentOS.