View Full Version : We got Suspended, Can you help?

22 Aug 2008, 15:52

Our host suspended our account stating the below cpu usage as a reason

Top Process %CPU 42.0
/usr/bin/php /home/voodost0/public_html/arabicmusic/forums/index.php

Top Process %CPU 25.0 /usr/bin/php /home/voodost0/public_html/arabicmusic/forums/index.php

Top Process %CPU 23.5 /usr/bin/php /home/voodost0/public_html/arabicmusic/forums/showthread.php

moreover we have around 2000 members in our forums and just around 40 users/guests at a time

We don't know why, can you please help us?

22 Aug 2008, 15:53
You are most likely running some cpu intensive mods on your forum, such as shoutbox.

22 Aug 2008, 15:56
No we do not have a shoutbox!

But we usually see some members viewing the "who's online" do you think the "who's online" increases the CPU usage?

22 Aug 2008, 17:16
Everything someone does increases your usage, contact your host maybe they can move you up to a more expensive shared hosting. Most shared hosts allow for more usage if you pay for a more expensive plan.

22 Aug 2008, 17:29
upgrade your hosting like ssslippy said, or remove modifications.

22 Aug 2008, 21:37
Do you think moving the directory "/forums" to a VPS will be better?

Brandon Sheley
22 Aug 2008, 22:05
get better hosting..

23 Aug 2008, 02:42
If you haven't installed anything new recently, and your 40 users weren't causing any big load yesterday, then it's just an error on your host's part.

It happened to us once. We complained about absurd load on that server for a month, and finally they suspended us!

I think the reason is that when the server lags, forum users start banging on it hard trying to read and post, so when the tech finally gets a readout, all he sees are your users, not the guy actually causing the lag.

We called them the next morning and they believed us and moved us to a different server, where it quickly became obvious they had goofed and we weren't causing load at all. Things have been fine since.

23 Aug 2008, 02:59
There could have been a surge in guests, most likely of the non-human variety. Check the logs and see who's been hanging around when this happened.

23 Aug 2008, 05:31
Chances are you are with an overseller. Get someone who doesn't oversell their plans such as downtownhost.com

30 Aug 2008, 04:56
do you know any hosting that offer no cpu quota????

30 Aug 2008, 05:00
do you know any hosting that offer no cpu quota????

dedicated and vps servers

any reputatble shared host will all have cpu usage guides in place.

30 Aug 2008, 05:04
I need someone to help me to look into my site to see what mod did take long queries so that I kept on getting suspended... I just can't figured out how to fix or optimize it... so now, I am looking for new/better server

30 Aug 2008, 05:27
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