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24 Aug 2008, 09:41
Good morning,

I just looked up the usergroups in ACP and BAMM - 400 Users who didn't activate their Account by clicking the link in the activation eMail.

I tested a bit and came to the following reseult: NO eMails were sent - except to users of gmail.com
All Users of web.de, gmx.de and other services didn't get an activation mail at all!
No wonder that there are no postings, they just can't. Nasty, damn nasty.

I registered myself an account with a web.de Adress and I didn't get ANY eMail, not even in the Spam folder.

I'm really confused, how could this be? I don't think any provider has blacklisted us or stuff like that...

Hoping for help.

Kind regards

24 Aug 2008, 09:47

Marco van Herwaarden
24 Aug 2008, 09:47
You will need to check your mailserver logs.

PS If gmail do receive the mails, most likely they are all sent. Most hosts do not filter destinations (and vB also doesn't do this).

25 Aug 2008, 03:16
Its possible you are not meeting the standards required by the mail receiver host. For example hotmail is very particular about email's and they must have certain requirements to not be filtered out completely.

17 Apr 2011, 19:55
my system is not sending out activation e-mails either. how do I fix this?

18 Apr 2011, 16:16
my system is not sending out activation e-mails either. how do I fix this?

By checking your email logs, i assume that subscription emails are going out?

Have you used the email trouble shooting tool in the maintenance section of the admincp?

09 May 2011, 02:47
I also had that Problem once, that many people didn't got the Activation mails (or any other automatic Mails). the Problem was, that my Server was in a List for "E-Mail Spammers" (here: http://www.spamhaus.org/).
Deleting the Spam entrance didn't really helped (was in a few days later again), also there was no virus or something on my Server.
The reason was rather simple: My Mailserver wasn't configured right, so it didn't sent the Domain of my Site correctly (only the IP) and that caused the entrance there.

09 May 2011, 09:48
Read this: How to keep your board from getting blacklisted as a spammer (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1533552)

12 May 2011, 23:00
enable f p meter and then see if it does any help..