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25 Aug 2008, 17:28
I transferred my domain from one server to another on friday, all the DNS settings are correct. I have set it up in the server's control panel and also added the DNS zone to the host's control panel.

It's now 5:30pm GMT on monday and its still showing "Failed to connect"

How long should this take? Articles on the internet say between 12-36 hours, but its well past that.

Please check www.vampyrescene.com and tell me if it loads up for you.


25 Aug 2008, 17:48
I can't even ping your site.

25 Aug 2008, 17:58
I can view the site by going to https://vps896.serverchoice.com:8443/sitepreview/http/vampyrescene.com/?previous_page=dom_ctrl

But not by the domain.

Check the attachments below for my settings..

25 Aug 2008, 18:11
have you setup your own nameservers at your domain name host with dedicated ip's for each NS from your host.. or are you going to use your vps hosts nameservers..?.

25 Aug 2008, 18:15
I'm using my hosts nameservers


This seems weird - check out - http://whois.domaintools.com/vampyrescene.com and

Apparently its resolving to the above. Although its not :confused:

25 Aug 2008, 18:20
try here..


more info there.. say lame nameservers

25 Aug 2008, 18:26
That doesn't help me much as I dont know much about using a vps haha.

I have contacted the host but due to bank holiday, they wont respond til tomorrow.

I have other sites using those nameservers without any errors :confused:

25 Aug 2008, 18:31
well there's not a lot you can do until tomorrow then :( as your host should be able to sort this for you..

with it being a vps i would suggest you use your own NS records with IP's from your host, did you get any IP's with the package?.

25 Aug 2008, 18:35
I got one IP address which is:

I have no idea how to create nameservers as Plesk doesn't ever seem to have documentation...

If you wanna give me a hand, feel free to add me on msn - ukwam@live.com

25 Aug 2008, 18:51
you can create your own NS records at your domain name host, which do you use?.. i.e where did you buy your domain name.

go there and there should be a way you can set them up yourself i.e.

ns1.vampyrescene.com - IP that you got with package
ns2.vampyrescene.com - same IP

then wait for them to become live around the net. i have seen that can be very quick an hour mostly or sometimes 72hrs..

sorry dont use msn :(

25 Aug 2008, 18:53
I bought them from fxdomains.com.

I had changed them to ns0.serverchoice.com and ns1.serverchoice.com on friday - which is what I am waiting to resolve.

25 Aug 2008, 18:55
perhaps they will not and you may have to use your own..