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27 Aug 2008, 00:28
This is basically a re-release of a modification i relased for vbulletin 3.5.x, it needed modifying quite abit to work with 3.7.x but i have done it, i tried to make this as a plug in but it isnt possible so it remains as a template edit.

What it Does

This minor template mod add's a brief description of your forums rules, which a user must tick a check box saying they are reporting a post for a genuine reason before it will let them report the post.

Install Time - 2 mins.
1 template rewrite
2 phrases to add.

Since i dont release alot of my mods please click install if you actually install this one :)

27 Aug 2008, 11:59

27 Aug 2008, 23:07
nice work. thanks for sharing.

30 Aug 2008, 22:54
awesome hack installed...

17 Sep 2008, 11:51
uhh i don't know exactly what this text file is suppose to be since you said "reportitem" template when there is no reportitem template but a report template though. and its missing the correct coding to make it the right size box such as rows="10" cols="100" so that the box is bigger than 6 rows which makes it like a small google adsense...just a thought :)

17 Sep 2008, 13:01
Nice idea but It would be cool if we can add this option not on all forums, but only in forum that we have choose.

28 Sep 2008, 14:46
May i make a suggestion?
Can you make it hide the "reply" box until the user ticks the agreement box?
Some javascript maybe?