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26 Sep 2008, 16:32
There was a request that i found in the vb forum ( Thread (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=189243) ) and they asked for a template that looked was blue green and curvey and i like to think i made something that he would like!

i hope all off you like it as well!

Live Demo : Demo (http://www.gamemasterx.com/demo/?styleid=8)

Remember to click installed if you like it!

Note: before i forget to tell you all, please remember once you have installed this style to revert all its templates

Screen SHot:

26 Sep 2008, 18:39
very very nice styles thanks

26 Sep 2008, 18:40
your very welcome

30 Sep 2008, 07:33
Very interesting, you've got the idea and judging by that you've got a clue about layout, however the graphics isnt there, youve got the layout but your without the graphics :(
Theres no real set theme either.
that would be an extremely good style if you could get the theme happening with some graphics work =]
Nice style though

30 Sep 2008, 07:41
well considering its a free templates! i mean if i was to do my best work on free templates why would anyone buy anything :D

this template took about 2 hours if that so it was just a quick job

30 Sep 2008, 09:11
Just thought I'd give you some freindly feedback :)
It looks alright live, but i couldnt think of a type of community that would use it..

You have got some good styles, GMX looks good but its very "Greenfox" ;)
But no, I'm not saying your shit, just thought I'd give some C&C because I generally always loved it :)

Edit: Not saying that you put your best into your free templates, but I know people who have bought templates based on free templates they've gotten :)
A free template is a portfolio and attraction to your best work =]

30 Sep 2008, 11:20
yeah i know what you mean! thnx for the feed back

04 Oct 2008, 01:17
i want to add menu on the navbar
how to make it ?
can u help me ?

04 Oct 2008, 01:46
i want to add menu on the navbar
how to make it ?
can u help me ?

Drop-down menu such as quick links?

04 Oct 2008, 08:00
i too would like to know what you mean as there are guides for making a drop down its all pretty simple as when i said support i ment support as in with a template error lol!

find the extra menu here http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=159706 its for 3.6 but im sure it will work in 3.7 and if not im sure there is a equal for it!