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04 Jun 2001, 09:58
Here a mini-hack that some might find interesting. It shows the number of inactive and active members and the percentage of the active members on your stats page.

Update v.1.1:
I added an option to the control panel which lets you easily select how many posts are needed to be regarded as active.

Any feedback appreciated. :)

04 Jun 2001, 10:11
Nice one, but this should be only available in the Control Panel, like the Stats.

04 Jun 2001, 13:21
Hehe, now it is a really funky modification ;)

04 Jun 2001, 15:53
dont have a clue how to install this

can u give more info about this one it looks interesting

04 Jun 2001, 16:08
Now that one is reeeaaaally useful and easy to install

Gro▀artig :D

@dadada: just follow the instructions in the attached file(s), you have to add some lines to (...)/admin/stats.php on the server...


04 Jun 2001, 16:29
Nice one
congrats ;)

04 Jun 2001, 19:16
Great Hack. Works Super :D

04 Jun 2001, 20:08
Nice hack... I now see that I need to audit my site.. and clear out those squaters. :)

05 Jun 2001, 00:17
Hi, great hack...your file was a little confusing though and the end hack didn't match vBulletin's layout :) not a big deal...but I am going to post a new file that is easier to understand (hope that is okay).

05 Jun 2001, 00:21
here is the file:

05 Jun 2001, 03:18
Thanks stefanh3, nice one :)

05 Jun 2001, 05:24
Sure, no problem. :) Corrections are welcomed, it's my first hack anyway. :)

05 Jun 2001, 09:17
Nice one, its working smooth. tnx :)

05 Jun 2001, 12:43
Nice job guys. Thanks! :)

05 Jun 2001, 18:10
i think it's a very good hack and i'll install it tonight maybe but

where can we see a demo ?

THX again !

05 Jun 2001, 18:26
We/He can't obviously give you a link to a demo as it involves the Administrative Control Panel...but here is a Screenshot of the Stats page of the Admin Panel with the hack included.

05 Jun 2001, 21:04
hi, I added a couple of lines of code so that you can see users who haven't posted over 5 posts...if you want it let me know.

05 Jun 2001, 23:15
yeah post it : P

05 Jun 2001, 23:23
works great

06 Jun 2001, 15:02
Updated the hack, see my first post. I hope you like it :)

06 Jun 2001, 15:22
Make sure that when you download the file on the first post of this thread that you right click on the link and select "Save Target As" :)

No longer matters, now in a "ZIP" file

06 Jun 2001, 15:26
OK, packed it into a zip file now. :)

06 Jun 2001, 15:55
Hi, not sure why, but something doesn't seem to be working on the 1.1 version...I am not getting it right. :) Any suggestions?

06 Jun 2001, 16:11
OK, what's the problem? It works for me.... :)
I'll give it a try at a clean setup. In the meantime, please try to be more specific.... What exactly doesn't work? :)

06 Jun 2001, 16:15
Hi, I will work on it in a little bit...I had uninstalled it...I will post my problems here... :) talk with you then

06 Jun 2001, 23:08
Great hack, easy to install, and very helpful. I found I really need to delete alot of accounts.

08 Jun 2001, 22:50

great hack..

greetings to vienna ;)

08 Jun 2001, 23:38
I think that you should also add another if statement or something so that it considers the amount of time that a user has been registered, so that it doesn't include newly registered members in it.

29 Aug 2001, 20:01
By chance is there any way to determine people as active if they have posted within the last 30 days? Setting it to be done by dates is nice, but is there a way to increase this hack to do dates as well, hence causing the % of active users to be more accurate.

22 Nov 2001, 19:37
I must be blind. Where do you chose how many posts is considered inactive? There is no option on mine.


10 Mar 2002, 23:08
Whether there is a version which shows activity rate on main page?