View Full Version : [Request] A very simple one (icons)

09 Oct 2008, 18:39
Hello there everyone.

I've been working for quite some time on a custom forum Layout, which I hope to release, and the only thing to finish my design would be some nice custom forum Icons, like ie. "Quote" "multi-quote" "reply" etc.

Now, I've got the basic layout of the buttons and everything, only thing I need now is icons, I've been looking around, and these web 2.0 icons are PERFECT, i'm wondering if someone perhaps might have them?


I've asked in the thread, so I suppose we'll see who gets to it first, the creator, or you guys :).
Thanks in advance.

Marco van Herwaarden
10 Oct 2008, 10:21
Nobody but the original author can help you. Others can not distribute his copyrighted work unless he gives permissions to do so.