View Full Version : Poll Icons - Glossy

12 Oct 2008, 11:50
I need an updated poll icon.

http://www.cheatchat.org/forum/cb/misc/poll_posticon.gif - It must be that size, and kinda like it, but glossy, and nicer. (the bars can be moved around too, I'd actually prefer them up-right).

Please :)

(This is to match DJ's Smilie and Post Icon Sets)

21 Oct 2008, 16:31
i can hava go, check my sig

Marco van Herwaarden
22 Oct 2008, 10:12
If you are offering help in this section, then please do so in this thread. There is no need for a free request to be handled on another site.

22 Oct 2008, 10:25
I agree Marco :)

Plus, I got one made, so thanks.