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Sean James
13 Oct 2008, 16:31
Template name: Darkness2

Preview: Click Here (http://www.bluepearl-design.com/forums/?styleid=95)

Style is now valid XHTML 1.0 transitional!

Header PSD for Darkness2 (http://www.bluepearl-design.com/forums/darkness/3877-darkness2-free-vbulletin-template-no-left-column.html)
Version with Column (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=183463)
XHTML Template (http://www.bluepearl-design.com/forums/free-web-templates/2364-darkness-template.html)

After alot of requests to release a version of Darkness without the left side column i decided to release Darkness2. There is not much difference between the templates except the removed left column and new header designed by SlappyKing (http://www.bluepearl-design.com/forums/members/slappyking.html) thanks mate ;)

If anybody finds any bugs or needs support please contact me

ZIP Contents:
-Darkness image directory

Style History:
10-14-2008 - Darkness Version 1.0 released
Updated to work with vBulletin 3.7.3
Removed the side column from Darkness to create Darkness2 a columnless version

Please click install if you use this template :)

13 Oct 2008, 17:23
Much nicer without the left column, thanks for this.
*clicked installed* ;)

13 Oct 2008, 21:45
Agree with Chaos, great job:D

13 Oct 2008, 22:30
very nice agree with them both Installed =)

13 Oct 2008, 23:02
good thanks :)

14 Oct 2008, 00:14
Awesome dude! Thanks!

14 Oct 2008, 00:18
Pretty good.

Sean James
14 Oct 2008, 04:50
Thanks, let me know of any bugs, but there shouldnt be any as i fully tested the template before releasing

14 Oct 2008, 07:33
very nice

Sean James
14 Oct 2008, 23:41
PSD for header can now be downloaded here:


15 Oct 2008, 21:54
Thanks for the style!!:)

a marked man 70
22 Oct 2008, 16:58
it comes up as an error when i try to download the PSD

22 Oct 2008, 22:23
I have never used PSD and i dont even know where to upload it lol

04 Dec 2008, 12:24
This work with latest Vb3.7.4 pl 1 ?

04 Dec 2008, 23:00
I'm having trouble changing the header logo. How do you do it?? :(

09 Jan 2009, 23:36
Really nice! I'm impressed. :)

10 Feb 2009, 19:19
Good Design.Thanks.

Sean James
11 Feb 2009, 08:29
Updated for 3.8.1


04 Oct 2009, 21:16
Very nice style but is there some way to set the width? For some reason this style goes wider than the screen on my forum page. It seems that something, number of links in navbar, forum stats etc is causing it to go wider than the screen. Other subforum pages are fine. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Found the problem. My chat buttons were still in text which caused the style to expand a bit. Nice work! :)

15 Feb 2015, 12:04
Nice Work - but it seems the Header.psd is missing some Borderlines.

I edited the Header to my desired Wishes and figured out that on the bottom and top the small Borders are missing. So when i upload the new Header they are missing. The orignial top.jpg does have those Borders. For certain Reason the PSD File is missing them.

Any Chance to get a overworked Header PSD ? Otherwise it won`t make sense to create a new one without those Borders. It just don`t look good.