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01 Nov 2008, 04:36
Yeah :rolleyes: we are too smart, nothing scare us anymore, we don't believe on werewolf, mommies, ghosts, vampires, monsters, etc...

then I present you:



:D Happy Halloween...

p.s. She wants to get married... she's funny, will laugh at your jokes [like 30 mins] we are throwing 2 pigs and 5 chickens into the deal... ;)

01 Nov 2008, 05:07
*Post reserved for nexy who should have posted in this thread by now*

01 Nov 2008, 05:09
My son looked prettier as a girl tonight than...... nevermind, I don't want to be insulting here. :D

Brandon Sheley
01 Nov 2008, 05:51
is there an image attached? it's blank to me..

01 Nov 2008, 13:18
*Post reserved for nexy who should have posted in this thread by now*

I have no intention to marry Josh's sister... having that kind of woman in my house, imagine the kids i would have, and the mother in law must be horrible... and if Josh is sending his sister to wedding, i just do not want to imagine how his entire family look like... (and himself as he think his sister look sharp!)

btw, i have someone here who will be to marry in about 18 years...

she's funny, will laugh at your jokes [not stupidly for 30 mins, but maybe a great smile and happily]... the man will have to be rich and independant, so she can have her own life and not have a moron who depend on her cash, he will have to be handsome to HER tastes, and who will like family parties with more than 200 persons -- because we're one of the rare large family in the country... he will have to learn french if he is english, he will also have to be able to change diapers in less than 25 seconds, have good tastes in meals she prepare, or make the dinner himself for the whole family... she will have a life, friends, business contacts and surely a will to have 4 or 5 kids of her own, so get your eyes off the gnd ...

see, easy !!

btw, this photo will vanish in the next hours, after i finish recording the first pretending guys... Josh not permitted...