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Contest Master
01 Nov 2008, 05:00
Which Modification should win this months MOTM contest ?

Choose from the list, and vote for your favourite modification now.

Remember to support modifications by nominating them for next months MOTM, just click the 'Nominate for MOTM' link in the release thread - you can nominate as many as you like during the month.

Thank you,

vBulletin.org Staff

01 Nov 2008, 06:14
Video Directory! YuHuuu!

01 Nov 2008, 07:14

01 Nov 2008, 10:06
My vote is for Radio and TV Player

But Dream You never win anything again and again :D:D:D

01 Nov 2008, 11:45
LOL - I thought the same thing - I voted for Radio & TV Player last time - I just love it very much actually... I thought I'd spread the wealth by voting for another novel modification this time: NoSpam :) --- Good luck everybody - some very nice modifications ;)


01 Nov 2008, 14:12
I voted for NoSpam! as well. Just a great mod that has helped keep my community 'clean' for awhile.

All of these mods are useful or encourage member participation, so I congratulate you all for a job well done!

01 Nov 2008, 14:47
Stop the registration bots got my vote.

01 Nov 2008, 16:29
Ill stand behind Radio and TV Player

01 Nov 2008, 20:18
My vote is for Radio and TV Player

But Dream You never win anything again and again :D:D:D
lol :D

I wonder if I beat the record of nominations (I mean same mod)

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Ill stand behind Radio and TV Player
glad you like it :)

03 Nov 2008, 21:12
Radio and TV Player :)

03 Nov 2008, 21:27
Anyone noticed that most of the nominations are anti-spam measures! ... a sign of the times!

03 Nov 2008, 22:57
LOL - 3/5 - interesting numbers no doubt :P


04 Nov 2008, 07:00
Radio and Tv Player!!

04 Nov 2008, 17:31
My vote is for Radio and TV Player

05 Nov 2008, 13:25
Video Directory! YuHuuu!
Thanks, and thanks to all other guys who vted for the Video-Directory :)

05 Nov 2008, 15:22
Video Directory, for sure.

06 Nov 2008, 15:54
I must say.. the Radio & TV player is quite cool and if it does not win Mod of the month at some point, it should get some sort of consolation prize best mod to never win. haha

10 Nov 2008, 18:49
StopForumSpam gets my vote due to the fact it has stopped hundreds of bot registrations since I installed it :)

10 Nov 2008, 20:31
I had to vote Radio and TV Player, Dream has to win MOTM for this hack at some point :) so why not now?

15 Nov 2008, 16:01
registration bots stopping ftw

17 Nov 2008, 10:28
Radio and TV Player

Saint Dean
20 Nov 2008, 13:34
Stop the registration bots got my vote, when our site first opened we had a torrid time with bots coming on, now we can sleep happy knowing we wont have rubbish on our site in the morning.

22 Nov 2008, 23:08
Id vote for Radio and TV player if it was integrated into the skins. I am unsure why we need to make massive edits to add our skins. Video Dir here unless Dream finally integrates it correctly..

23 Nov 2008, 10:43
not sure what you mean, but drop a message in the radio thread if you wanna discuss it.

26 Nov 2008, 21:24
I voted for NoSpam! for vBulletin 3.7 this mod saved the world from the rusian bots who kept spamming our forums with craps

27 Nov 2008, 02:15
Voted for Radio and TV Player because it has a good support from Dream.

Almost voted for video directory if it wouldn't have this ugly branding copyright link on every page.

29 Nov 2008, 00:44
'Stop the registration bots' should be winning this hands down. Checking to see how long it takes for a people to register is an ingenious way of distinguishing between human and bot - well done to the creator!

01 Dec 2008, 21:53
one day I'll win!! *shakes fist*

:D j/k thx guys for the votes :) until january

01 Dec 2008, 21:58
Perhaps with some little updates you will :)