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02 Nov 2008, 15:01
This tutorial reduces the number of notifications in your navbar. When your only notification is one unread personal message, you will also see that you have zero friend requests, zero visitor messages, etcetera. With this particular situation, you will only see one unread personal message after this tutorial.

Go to Style - Navigation/Breadcrumb templates - navbar_notifications_menubit

Add at the beginning:
<if condition="$notification['total'] > 0">

Add at the end:

Although not necessary, you could remove the other if's in this template as they aren't needed. Please click "install" if you have find this tutorial usefull.

02 Nov 2008, 21:12
moved to articles

09 Jun 2009, 18:49
thanks :)

14 Jun 2010, 00:12
This is brilliant. Should be a standard feature. And to think that it actually requires LESS conditionals to be evaluated than the default.