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03 Nov 2008, 16:25
my site is http://jrock-forums.org

I would like to replace the current header with one that
i have created myself.

Where are the psd's located in vbulletin?

--------------- Added 1225731631 at 1225731631 ---------------

or i guess i should say, how do i use psd's with vbulletin?

03 Nov 2008, 17:18
You don't use a psd file in the header. You save the file as a jpeg or a gif or a png. A psd file is a photoshop document.

03 Nov 2008, 17:42
You can use the PSD in a number of programs (photoshop being one) and I'm almost sure the gimp will happily load psd files.

If you have photoshop, simply edit the text and save for web and the format you wish to use (which judging by the sliced area) will be jpeg.