View Full Version : Warhammer Online Destruction Avatars (75x175)

04 Nov 2008, 02:17
All 131 of these avatars have been custom made by myself for use on my Warhammer Online Destruction guild's website. I have decided to release them to the public since I put a lot of work into them.

The first one is my guild's logo, so you may want to change it to your own.

I've attached some examples.

Please support my work by visiting http://www.mmoaddict.com.

13 Nov 2008, 20:06
are these all rectangular?

14 Nov 2008, 06:12
Yes, 75x175. They are designed to fit the entire width of the user information area on posts. I found this to be more visually appealing than the normal square avatars.

28 Jan 2009, 01:57
I am currently working on some of the same type of avatars for all MMO games. Please keep a watch out for their release.

17 Jul 2009, 13:58
:( :(

18 Jul 2009, 06:46
How are they too wide? They fit perfectly into the side underneath your username.

19 Jul 2009, 20:26
When stylevar is decreased.

They are to large for the menu selection.

I can not select "the next menu page"

80px wide would be better.

I will modify images and reinstall.


Kottonmouth Marks Installed... :up: