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24 Nov 2008, 20:58
Hello all :),
There are some users who are cautious to use previous skin designs that aren't for the latest version. I ran across a very nice lady who wanted me to update it for vbulletin 3.7.4

The previous one was for 3.7.2
It was created by the user gator777 (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/member.php?u=77741).
All i did was take his skin design and apply it to vb 3.7.4.

3.7.2 Design download posted by Gator777 was located here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=178457)

So many thanks to Gator777, and here is the updated version.

Please Mark As Install if your going to use or download it.


24 Nov 2008, 23:10
thanks, will try it on 3.8 lol. cheers.

25 Nov 2008, 06:46
Is it possible to upload some screenshots ?

Thank you in advance :)

25 Nov 2008, 09:30
Is it possible to upload some screenshots ?

Thank you in advance :)

demo: http://www.the-armory.net/forum/?styleid=82

25 Nov 2008, 21:20
Do you have permission to re-release the original coders work?

25 Nov 2008, 23:02
Hello FRDS,

If there are any issues here, I will accept responsibility. I asked for help and started a thread for paid services to re-work the vB default skin from 3.7.4 into greens. I provided a link in my request to the 'Desert Green' skin because I liked the type of greens that were used as they were in fact very easy on the eyes. One of my requests for whoever I retained was tp please share what ever s/he came up with here at vB. Thought being I had been able to receive help because of membership here and figured if I was paying for a color change, best to ask that it then be shared with others here who might be able to use it. I am very sorry. I am the one who asked for the color change to the 3.7.4 vB default and I am the one who asked that it be shared. If this thread needs to be removed in its entirety, please know I meant no harm and I will gladly have the re-worked skin taken off our site and will provide a link to prove we won't be using it.

Please advise. As you are probably now aware, I am not computer literate and would have never asked to pay somebody to get them in trouble.

26 Nov 2008, 00:37
Thank you Fearless, this should be cleared up by Gator himself as I did not really do anything but extend it to a newer version and did give him his credit deserved. I also p.m.ed gator, just awaiting a reply from him if hes ok with it or not.

I doubt it will be a problem from someone who's as talented as him, all I did was simply take time off his hands. Thank you

26 Nov 2008, 00:52
All is fine.

gator777- Thank you ever so much for your kindness. I also thank you for your generosity. Loved the new skin you shared with me and we will be using it when we move to 3.8.

kiladuce- Thank you for helping us get going with the color change for 3.7.4.

FRDS- I thank you too. Because of your post, I have now had the pleasure of dealing with not one honorable and gracious person but two.