View Full Version : Black and Blue 8[Admin CP Style] IT ROCKS!!!

26 Nov 2008, 01:54
This is a fast loading, minimal graphics, dark style. IT ROCKS!!!!

If you use it, please click INSTALL :)

To Install:
Unzip “vBulletin_BlackandBlue_8” and upload “vBulletin_BlackandBlue_8” folder to cpstyles in your forums folder (forum/cpstyles)
Before Logging into your Admin control panel use the option button to select this style.
Login and make sure you click install...Please click INSTALL, I appreciate it!

Translation: Permission is given for translations of this modification on official sites (only).

26 Nov 2008, 04:26
So.... within the first five minutes of adding this I found a bug and fixed the style; but a few members have already downloaded it and installed it.

You may want to add the new folder I just uploaded.... ;)

27 Nov 2008, 16:12
Looks great, thanks!

28 Nov 2008, 01:52
Looks great, thanks!

Thanks, Please click "mark as installed" in the first post if you end up using it. :)

30 Nov 2008, 14:02
Nice...Thanks. Installed

01 Dec 2008, 12:20
Is there a 3.7 version of this as well?

02 Dec 2008, 18:40
Is there a 3.7 version of this as well?

No, this one will work on 3.7

21 Dec 2008, 17:24
Thank you for this :)

Jon Tolzien
17 Jan 2009, 21:42
It gave me invalid security token?

30 Jan 2009, 02:01
Is there a corresponding style to this?

30 Jan 2009, 03:29
yea would be nice if there's a template for the forum :)

30 Jan 2009, 08:30
It gave me invalid security token?

No, it didn't. This is only CSS and has NOTHING to do with security token whatsoever... You have something installed on your forum incorrectly, either the forum itself, a plugin, product, or modification.

Is there a corresponding style to this?
yea would be nice if there's a template for the forum :)

Not yet, maybe inf the future.

30 Jan 2009, 16:25
Drat, this matches another website I'm running, and it would be ideal.

19 Feb 2009, 09:27
Nice, Installed.

25 Feb 2009, 19:23
thank you so much look nice with widescreen

25 Feb 2009, 21:19
Thank you ........ Installed.

27 Mar 2009, 00:01
Thanks man Looks Dam sweet!! :up::up:

22 Apr 2009, 20:49
I would kill for this to be a style

23 Apr 2009, 23:59
Glad to see this for vB 3.8! And as with others, this would make a kick ass style for the actual forum.

26 May 2009, 01:05
I want the style :) pretty cool colors!!!

Abdullah sahar
28 May 2009, 05:26
thank you so much


03 Jun 2009, 20:31
Very nice skin :) - Many Thanks.

Now if i could only work out why my sidebar always disappears when im viewing pages in the admincp id be a happy man :confused:

05 Jun 2009, 12:25
Very nice, I will be using this!

24 Jun 2009, 07:50
this is amazing :D

08 Jul 2009, 19:10
nice stil thanks

21 Jul 2009, 17:39
thank you

25 Jul 2009, 01:43
This is the BEST admin style I have very seen, very talented. Thank you.... hey where's the matching forum style... hint hint!

25 Jul 2009, 13:28
Too would be better off if the color is bright thanks

14 Aug 2009, 23:10
Couple of our admins love this style, thanks

Adding my vote to have this as a style too:up: