View Full Version : Confusion with images

28 Nov 2008, 20:13

I originally started this thread as I couldn't get my images to appear (either thumbnail or bigger picture) but I've managed to work around that.

However, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what is happening with the images. I recreated two gif files and named them pacman1.gif and pacman2.gif, uploaded them to the appropriate place but nothing was showing up.

I looked at a bit of source code and found out that Pacman was looking images called 11.gif for the bigger image and 12.gif for the thumbnail. I renamed my files to these and sure enough they were picked up and displayed.

I just can't understand why 11.gif and 12.gif are important to the game? I could ignore it as it's working but if I upload another game later down the line and it's expecting the same image numbers, then I'll have a problem.

Thanks for any help/explanation. :)

The game file itself is called pacman.swf

Edit -

I'm an idiot. It was the gname which I managed to mess up. :D