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06 Dec 2008, 20:22
This skin was originally made by mavi_ay and I only added some new stuff for those who dont know xhtml and css and would like to make there site have a header/footer. To start I used divs for the header with width and background images. You can easy add your own logo to the main div. The render was provided by another vbulletin.org member so you can edit it to your likeing. The bottom portion uses a complete new table and is fluid to what every the main tables width is set to. I re-did the buttons in english an there not of "high-quality" (only had 30 minutes to work on them). I fully support this mod and will be adding new features to it as well. This features the double navbar mod already added to the navbar template so you will need to edit the nav bar to add your own links.

Open the template navbar and look at the top right after the <br /> is where the second navbar begins I left the original comments of the double navbar code and will update wit the full edit later on.

INSTALL, to install you must add dw.darkblue folder to your forum root so it should look like this forum/dw.darkblue and then import the style and enjoy

Expected upgrades:

rounded corners on top logo and bottom footer.
side bar.

Thanks to Mavi_ay for making this skin so nice, to the render makers free render, and the designer of the double nav bar.

fixed underline on a:link in animedreamz-style.xml the other xml file is if you`d like to run the skin in the images directory instead of the root forum folder.

06 Dec 2008, 20:25
Opps silly me forgot a live demo view my site


Any questions post here and I`ll try to get your questions answered.

06 Dec 2008, 21:49
Good header and footer.thanks...

08 Dec 2008, 02:52

Set the background to black - hope you don't mind. like it better http://www.anabolic-evolution.com/forum/

08 Dec 2008, 16:28
lol its your skin now bro have fun with it I didnt have time or I should say i was in a hurry to add it to here for download and didnt work on a background image thanks for installing it.

11 Dec 2008, 13:57
which xml file do I import? animedreamz.xml or vbulletin-style.xml ?

24 Jan 2009, 20:12
animedreamz.xml sorry this is late was busy.

08 Feb 2009, 05:20
error with the FF