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10 Dec 2008, 04:12
Please click Mark as Installed if you are using this hack.

This hack is now discontinued - this means that while it will remain available for download and use, there will be no further updates, nor will support be provided as the thread is no longer monitored.

What Does This Hack Do?hr
This is another very simple template hack, which moves the Tags box from the bottom of a thread to the top.

vBulletin Version Compatibilityhr
This hack can only be used with vBulletin v3.8.x.

For the unsupported v3.7.x version of this hack - check here.

Install Instructionshr
In attached .zip file.

Uninstall Instructionshr

Undo the template edit (or revert the template).

Version Historyhr
v3.8.001 - Wednesday 10th December 2008
-- Initial Release

Show Your Appreciation hr
Although not required, if you have enjoyed the benefits of this hack, and would like show your appreciation for my efforts, then please feel free to click on the Support Developer link and donate any amount you feel is appropriate.

17 Jan 2009, 09:43
I needed to add a simple line break at the end of the code because for some reason the tag box was sitting right on the reply button. That's prolly just on my skin though.

Simple but great hack! I liked how you took some extra time and put the instructions in a PDF with nice formatting. Good work!

17 Jan 2009, 13:40
thanks for share :D

10 Jul 2009, 23:43
Looks good!

Demo: http://www.animeyum.com/forums/animeyum-news/79-11-anime-added.html


19 Oct 2009, 18:23
Is there a way to have them inside postbit???

19 Oct 2009, 22:14
Is there a way to have them inside postbit???
Yes, but not with a simple template edit. You would probably have to write a hack to do it, as I have not seen a Tag hack here that does what you want.