View Full Version : weird problem with Firefox !!!!!!!

23 Dec 2008, 09:01
Hi ,

I made a new theme for my website and i made it as a default ! none of our users include me can see it in Firefox !!

p.s. i have deleted the FF Cache !!

Any IDEA ?!


23 Dec 2008, 11:43
Any mods you are using which cache styles etc..?
Tried re-installing..?

23 Dec 2008, 16:30
Perhaps post in the thread where you got the style and see if they know what the problem is.

23 Dec 2008, 21:03
Thanks both ...

yeah , i tried to disbale all hooks and yeah problem solved . so i was sure that one of the mods is the reason . tried to find it and noticed that in "Mobile Device Detection" mod , i forgot to set the Default style in Firefox !!!!!!


Thanks again .