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24 Dec 2008, 15:29
Donation Feature With vBExperience

what is this? This is a simple template modification so that all your users may donate to one another with a simple click of a button. Here, I will be showing you how to add a donation button on the postbit for the better. :)


1. go to your admin cp>styles and templates>search in templates
2. search for the "postbit_legacy" template and click it for one of your skins

$vbphrase[posts]: $post[posts]

<a href="xperience.php?go=shop&do=own"><b><u>Donate To A Friend</b></u></a><br></br>

4. You're done!

If you have any questions, you can either private message me or you can post below.
If there are any errors, please post below and I will gladly help you.

13 Feb 2009, 11:29
I'm not using postbit legacy

13 Feb 2009, 11:35
I'm not using postbit legacy

Alot of the time, if you want something to show in the postbit, you need to add it to the postbit_legacy template.

24 Jul 2009, 13:32
Move Donate Link Above Avatar:

I wanted to move the donate link to be above the avatar. I have the experience bars showing above the avatars. The donate link would go better below the bars but above the avatar. So this is what I did:

$vbphrase[posts]: $post[posts]
</div>ADD BELOW:
<div class="smallfont"><a href="xperience.php?go=shop&do=own"><b>Donate Points to Friends</b></a><br></br>MY EDITS:
Removed Underline: In my version of the link code I removed the underline from the link by removing the <u></u> from the original link code.
Control Font Size: Added Font Size Code: Because the link code is now located above the avatar you need to tell the link to use a small font or else it might display too large and break to a second line. (This happens in the default theme). To solve this issue I added: <div class="smallfont"> to the start of the link.
Relabeled: I relabeled the link to: "Donate Points to Friends" because I think it is clearer being labeled that way right under the experience bars which use the term "points".Check out my screenshot...

Thanks for this edit! Now I have to learn how to make the experience bars show up in vbBlogs postbit as well as your cool donate link!

25 Jul 2009, 05:26
Install but not to get off topic where do u guys get them user bars from..in them pic?

27 Jul 2009, 10:15
Thanks for this, my owner has been asking for a donate function since I put experience in.

Maybe a foolish question, is this to donate points only, or can you also use it to send gifts.

We find it a bit complicated to have to buy something then have to go to your inventory then gift it. I had hoped that the new version of experience would allow a straight gift to someone, can your mod do this?

Also would it be possible to include a note with the donation, .I've been trying to get that into our experience, haven't quite got it right yet

Appreciate your work, just being to donate points is a BIG deal for us