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24 Dec 2008, 21:41
This are any little changement to modify Album's Title of vBulletin (integrated from vB 3.7.) to improve SEO, I hope it like you.

I use vBulletin 3.7.3

New Title will be...:

Name Album of Nickname on Name Forum (you can don't show it)

Name Image of Name Album of Nickname on Name Forum

1) Find and open album_list:

Change your <title>.....</title> with this:

<title><phrase 1="$userinfo[username]">$vbphrase[xs_albums]</phrase> on $vboptions[bbtitle]</title>

and Save it

2) Find and open album_picturelist:

Change your <title>.....</title> with this:

<title><phrase 1="$userinfo[username]" 2="$albuminfo[title_html]">$vbphrase[xs_album_y]</phrase></title>

and Save it

3) Find and open album_pictureview:

Change your <title>.....</title> with this:

<title>$pictureinfo[caption] of <phrase 1="$userinfo[username]" 2="$albuminfo[title_html]">$vbphrase[xs_album_y]</phrase></title>

and save it

Results of these changes are:

Link1 (http://www.p2psin.it/forum/members/jarod1981--albums.html)
Link2 (http://www.p2psin.it/forum/members/jarod1981--albums-anime-e-cartoons.html)
Link3 (http://www.p2psin.it/forum/members/jarod1981--albums-anime-e-cartoons-picture30-death-note-l.html)

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Bye bye