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30 Dec 2008, 07:45
New, clean steadfast theme From Uncutweb.

PREVIEW: http://www.uncutweb.com/forum.php?styleid=3

Skin is fully supported and updated regularly.

Current Version of the skin: 2.1

Thank you for downloading.

Dec 30th: Version 2.1 released!

Details: Version 2.0 has a much smoother layout and contains PSD files.

This skin works on 3.7.x and 3.8.x

30 Dec 2008, 08:24
Installed but not working properly...... ??

30 Dec 2008, 08:49
Care to explain what is not working?

30 Dec 2008, 08:50
look like same think here :>> http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=91391&d=1230577261

30 Dec 2008, 09:31
Right click the part where the image isn't showing and click view background, then you will see where it is looking for the image, check if you have the image in that location, if not move it there. Let me know what fixed the problem.

Look same think here, tell me the results.

31 Dec 2008, 02:57
Sorry something must have exported it wrong, Version 2.1 released try that.

31 Dec 2008, 05:35
updated 2.1 >> still not working ..

31 Dec 2008, 06:55
Hmm maybe its only working on 3.8.0, it looks like half the CSS styles just aren't even being used.

31 Dec 2008, 11:37
i have no additional CSS in the style boxes that other themes normally have is yours saved as a file on your style ???

be nice when this works it looks great

31 Dec 2008, 18:20
Definitely not working for me too.

01 Jan 2009, 12:45
Try it on 3.8.0 tell me if that works.

02 Jan 2009, 12:44
Try it on 3.8.0 tell me if that works.

look the same as 3.7

something aint right lol

10 Jan 2009, 15:35
I had the same problem, so I uninstalled the theme.
Something is definitely wrong, somewhere one of the variables is missing, or you're hardcoding it to be somewhere it shouldn't.

12 Jan 2009, 18:39
Installs: 5
Thanks :D