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31 Dec 2008, 17:57
I saw this pretty nice skin for mybb and thought I would port it to vbulletin. Long story short after a few hours of codeing I got it to look almost just like the orginal. I couldnt get the buttons done since the original author didnt leave any psd files for me. Its almost 100% validate except on forum home I closed a table with out every entering any tr or td`s in it to give it the spacing per forum. I hope you enjoy it.

Only one minor problem havent fixed topic name so that they dont expand past a certain point.


Fixed all issues with skin and added images in place of txt on login area. To add this simply download of make your own images and name them username.png and password.png. Then upload them to your images/freshblue/misc folder. The other add on comes already with image folder. Also background has been swicthed to blue for table data. Valid xhtml transitional.

Uninstall old theme and use this new xml file. Demo fo login is here

Demo (http://www.anime-dreamz.com/forum/index.php)

31 Dec 2008, 18:17
First post lol I used images from a friend of mine. They look awesome with this skin.

01 Jan 2009, 19:03
Thanks Friend...

03 Jan 2009, 15:45
How Do i Install It??

03 Jan 2009, 18:25
copy the freshblue directory in your \forum\images dir

03 Jan 2009, 22:11
Nice style. I noticed a bit of a color glitch...when you enter a forum, the background color for the bars is red before it loads the blue image over it.

04 Jan 2009, 17:11
Very nice theme...

But there can i find the blank logo?
Or isn't that available?

04 Jan 2009, 20:02
Yeah, could you share the psd files?

04 Jan 2009, 20:59
Sorry the mybb original author has no psd files or I would have added them and made the top corners rounded on header image. I`ll see what I can do on this.

05 Jan 2009, 03:14
I have a modified logo and there's a gray area that extends below the logo. I didn't see this until I uninstalled the old version and installed this new version.

It's the bottomlinks_diver.gif which wasn't on the first release.

05 Jan 2009, 18:59
sorry about that thought it wold look nicer with a bottom strip lol to delete it go to your style manager and select to view all style options. In header portion find this:

<td id="headertopbg"><img src="images/freshblue/misc/bottomlinks_diver.gif" alt="" /></td>

and delete it next got to your additional css and find this:

#headertopbg { background-image: url(images/freshblue/misc/bottomlinks_diver.gif);}

and delete that so your forum doent have that anymore.

06 Jan 2009, 11:42
Very nice theme...

But there can i find the blank logo?
Or isn't that available?

hi mates, I make myself a Logo in the JPG format is not the best, but for a temporary solution it is sufficient. sorry for my english :D

07 Jan 2009, 18:20
thanks nicely done mate

09 Jan 2009, 07:02
In style don't show copyright text
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13 Jan 2009, 19:38
Yes its invisible lol its there but its so ugly I made its container transparent so all you see is the background if I didnt add the phrases there your crons wouldnt work and only a nulled version wold allow you to remove them with out getting the you must have copyright in footer deal if its not allowed to be removed. Trust me tired it when I first started out there really isnt any way to get around not having it there unless you pay or your using a nulled vb becaus echangeing the phrase will also get you in trouble with vb.

25 Jan 2009, 13:19
Thanks very nice, any chance of upgrades ? 3,8

31 Jan 2009, 18:44
Thanks very nice, any chance of upgrades ? 3,8

That would be nice. I haven't found a design as nice as this so far.

24 Feb 2009, 18:54
Sure I`ll work on a 3.8.x version with the edits for 3.8.1

03 Mar 2009, 18:37
Hi - great style!

One issue I'm having though is that sometimes when you post you get the redirect page, sometimes you don't. My forum is set to remove these pages. Any idea on what is cuasing this?

10 Mar 2009, 10:28
Thank you!

01 Jan 2010, 13:17
Can i have got a psd?

09 Jan 2010, 16:59
i like the skin.

but it took away the quik `edit user` button.

so now i have to copy and paste or search for the user in the admin cp to edit them.

is there a way to fix this? thank you