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31 Dec 2008, 17:01
I saw this pretty nice skin for mybb and thought I would port it to vbulletin. Long story short after a few hours of codeing I got it to look almost just like the orginal. I couldnt get the buttons done since the original author didnt leave any psd files for me. Its almost 100% validate except on forum home I closed a table with out every entering any tr or td`s in it to give it the spacing per forum. I hope you enjoy it.

Only one minor problem havent fixed topic name so that they dont expand past a certain point.


I fixed all the issues with the skin and added bonus to log in area, I replaced the text with images. You will need to download or make your own images titled password.png and username.png. Then add them to images/freshred/misc folder and enjoy the other add on is already in the misc folder. Please uninstall the old skin and install this new xml file so theres xhtml valid code and easier on the browser.

31 Dec 2008, 17:15
Also quick note screenies included but in fresh blue the images are from fresh red lol sorry about that.

31 Dec 2008, 21:20
Great, simple clean design! Good job!

01 Jan 2009, 10:57
Thanks still a work in progress but I like it lol sorry theres no psds I like the blue one most.

25 Jan 2009, 15:58
This looks great! Thanks for the great skin!