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12 Jun 2001, 11:41

This is primarily directed towards Ed, but if anyone else can help me out then I'd be also very grateful.

I'm trying out mArticle and need a couple of things altered so it will better suite my needs.

Firstly - I would like to use mArticle to list articles for various football teams. As the teams are rivals this could lead to a few problems with rival fans posting in different sections. A minimum way to avoid this would be to list only the relevant section (ie the referring section) within the 'select category' pull down when a user submits (its not very fool proof but it should lead to less tempatation to do so).

Can you think of an easy way of doing this ??

Obviously my best option would be to have some sort of permission system similiar the vB. It would not have to be as in depth as vB - I would just like to have an option where I could authorise a user to post articles within one particular section (When I have authorised them they could then post new subsequent articles without me having to authorise eahc article before it is posted on the site)- would this be difficult to hack??

14 Jun 2001, 20:03
Ed - Any chance of your thoughts on this?

I'd be grateful if you could just reply "can't help you" if you have seen this and have no time - just so I know that you've spotted it.


Mike Sullivan
14 Jun 2001, 21:40
Ok. :)

I lack the time to work on an mArticle hack. Not to mention the fact that before I work with it again, I'd probably want to recode the whole thing.

15 Jun 2001, 08:30
No Probs Ed,

Looks like I'll have to get my get the PHP books out!!

Cheers Anyhow