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04 Jan 2009, 12:18
Hi all, and happy new year...

I'm just after a bit of advice really, and wondered if anyone else had seen this problem on their own arcade.

One of my moderators has been accused of cheating in the arcade, he's a long standing member and I believe he wouldnt cheat.

Now the score he got is totally unachievable, but his explanation seems feasible.

He says that because both he and his wife are members and both play in the arcade what happened was a technical glitch.

At the time when he got the high score, they were both playing on different computers playing different games(on the same ip), when his wife finished playing the game and submitted the score, that score was submitted to the high score table of the game that he (the husband) was playing. So in effect the high score was submitted to a different game.

Have any of you experienced this at all, and is there a fix for it. OR, do you think they ARE cheating?

ps, is this why a lot of sites don't allow multiple accounts from the same IP?

Thanks in advance for the massive quantity of replies to this post :D

04 Jan 2009, 17:17
That's happened before to my Dad. He and his wife were playing on my arcade and she had started her game after he did his and when he got through playing his the score he had went to the game she was playing.

24 Jan 2009, 21:29
Any fix for this?

18 Feb 2009, 20:33
Need a fix, too.

A member of my board caused this bug by playing a game (call it Game A), then opening another (call it Game B) in a new tab of the browser, playing on in Game A and after submitting the score, it's added to the scores of Game B.

So it's very easy for users to cheat. A bugfix is needed VERY urgent!

20 Feb 2009, 19:28
hehe hmm i usually give people adding 50m scores in a game designed to be high around 50k :p

2 days instant ban :D wonder if the scores where submitted to wrong game.. 0.o :D

23 Feb 2009, 00:23
This just happened to me. I was playing one game, and it put the score on a totally different game.

It happened to one of my users about a week ago, but she didn't realize it. She just asked how she got such a high score on a game she hadn't played. I wrote if off as a fluke, but now I just personally experienced it.

I would like a fix as well, as I have been rounding up some prizes for the games and it is pointless if the scores aren't beomg recoreded by the correct game.

The game I was playing tonight, as well as the one which received the score have both been installed for over a month without previous incident.

I'm using:
vbulletin 3.7.3 Patch Level 1
ibProArcade v2.6.8+
v3arcade skin

Any help for this?

23 Feb 2009, 10:33
Any help for this?
Sure, only make competitions, where you give out prices, with games that are secured. Vaupell wrote about that here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1750061&postcount=3).

I've tested around with that problem... I guess the problem is the way arcade handles sessions. If you start a game after another, the sessions will only have this gameid saved. So if you have another game opened at the time you are opening another, you can finish the first opened game and then the scores will be saved to the last opened game.

I see only one way around: Making Arcade killing the session, when opening a game. This way, it will not be able to submit the scores. But that could confuse some users. Another, maybe better, way: When another game is opened, there should be a question, that asks if you want to quit the first opened game. This way, the user has the choice, but is not able to open a new game, before he has not finished the first one OR he decides to stop that game.

23 Feb 2009, 12:38
Hi PhanZero -

Thanks for the reply.

Sure, only make competitions, where you give out prices, with games that are secured.

Does that mean that secured games can't post scores to the wrong games (or vice-versa) like we are discussing here?

23 Feb 2009, 14:57
Does that mean that secured games can't post scores to the wrong games (or vice-versa) like we are discussing here?
I don't know which way this works. You should try it for yourself - sending data from an unsecured game to a secured one, and vice-versa. Then you'll see how it works...

In my opinion both ways should not work (so no data should be submitted to the other game), but i guess submitting data from secured games to unsecured still works. But I don't know for sure...

16 Mar 2009, 03:32
Is a fix in the works for this? It pretty much makes keeping score useless, since even honest people can cheat by accident.