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05 Jan 2009, 18:10
Well this is yet another version of the fresh line I`m porting from mybb this option is and orange version and includes all the modifications used on my previous updates to the other two styles.

If you would like to remove the second nav border or if you wont to simply have only the black strip find this in the header template.

<td id='"headertopbg"><img scr="images/freshorange/misc/bottomlinks_diver.gif" alt=""></td>
and either delete it or add a small black image there. I inclued one in the misc folder of the fresh orange package.
next find this in additional css

#headertopbg { background-image: url(images/freshorange/misc/bottomlinks_diver.gif);}

either delete or change the image info to the image used in the header template.

That will fix that issue for those who do not wont that included.

Additionally I added images for user cp if you have that mod installed and for vbexperience aswell if your not going to use those mods delete the folders level and usercp-icons in the freshorange misc folder.


unzip folder and find the images folder open it and ftp the freshorange folder to your images folder/directory.

Import skin and enjoy.