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14 Jan 2009, 03:04
I'm fairly new to the vBulletin scene. Having been a member of Something Awful for a while, I've grown to really like their spoiler tag. I searched around, but I couldn't find a similar spoiler tag for vB3. Every single spoiler tag I saw requires that you either click a button (which doesn't allow inline spoilers) or highlight text (which requires unnecessary work). I wanted to mimic SA's simple tag on my forum, so I figured out how to do it, and this is what you see here today. This mod is completely theme-independent (it's just a BB code, nothing else!), and it'll keep your site W3C compliant.

Without hovering, you see nothing but black:

However, when you hover the mouse over the black section of text, it magically appears:

Title: Spoiler
BB Code Tag Name: spoiler
Replacement: <span style="color: #000000; background: #000000;" onmouseover="this.style.color='#FFFFFF';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#000000';">{param}</span>
Description: This tag changes the text into a black box which is unreadable. If you hover the mouse over the black box, the text will magically appear.
Use Option: No
Image: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=88186&stc=1&d=1224134794

Note: Depending on your template, you may need to change the colors in the HTML replacement code. Just make sure that color, background, and onmouseout match and that onmouseover is different. The colors in the above code are ideal for a template with a light background and dark text.

15 Jan 2009, 16:24

But, it doesn't work on smilies and images, does it? :(

Maybe a fix?

16 Jan 2009, 08:29
Unfortunately, there's no way to fix it. It just works on text. It's basically coloring the background of the text the same color as the text (both are black), and when you hover over it, it simply changes the color of the text. You'd need to use one of those other spoiler mods that involves clicking a button if you want to hide non-text items.

16 Jan 2009, 11:52
That's cool. Easier for the lazy ones that don't feel like highlighting the words!

17 Jan 2009, 08:08
Works great thx!

17 Jan 2009, 23:19
for those with a white background ( other colours just change the css )

Our bbcode is:

<span style="color: #ffffff; background: #ffffff;" onmouseover="this.style.color='#4096d4';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#ffffff';">Hide your message</span>

we also prefer and as opposed to [spoiler]

Its quite fun, having it so there is no foreground colour to the bbcode, as users dont know its there. :)

18 Jan 2009, 02:37
I should mention that users might need to change the colors depending on the template. Thanks! :)

23 Feb 2009, 11:51
I wonder if this is penalized by Google?
Text on the same color as background is, as I remember penalized by G.
Can this become a problem if long texts are marked like this?

23 Feb 2009, 14:29
best way to do this even with images is to use OPACITY.

-khtml-opacity: 1;
opacity: 1;

and just set it to 0 to turn back normal

26 Feb 2009, 14:02
I wonder if this is penalized by Google?
Text on the same color as background is, as I remember penalized by G.
Can this become a problem if long texts are marked like this?
I have no idea. The forum I use this on requires that you be a member to view any posts, so Google can't index it.