View Full Version : Orb "No Avatar" Avatars - PSD Included

25 Jan 2009, 20:10
For member's who admin/moderate communities and don't like the look of the "emptiness" of a postbit when one or two members don't upload a personal avatar, here is a quick solution to that issue.
I will admit, the beginning design was myself wasting away a few minutes of a lazy Sunday. However, I put on a few finishing touches and hopefully someone will get some enjoyment out of them :) Or even improve upon them.
The PSD is included and I have included 8 png (100px x 100px) formatted examples in various colours for members who do not have access to PS software.

25 Jan 2009, 20:43
how big do u allow avatars m8 as these are massive



Not bad even better with PSD thanks a lot

25 Jan 2009, 22:48
I allow 100x100 on my site. I created the PSD using a slightly larger 300x300 because it's a bit easier to work with and took a quick screenshot in that larger format. The png format that are included within the file are of the typical 100x100 variety.
With the psd you should be able to size them accordingly for your community.
Glad you like them and thanks for marking "installed" :)

27 Feb 2009, 02:09
Cool but how do I use these?

04 Mar 2009, 04:11
Use the PSD to resize to your liking and upload them to your "generic avatar gallery".

04 Apr 2009, 03:54
thank you!