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27 Jan 2009, 13:58
Usergroup Color Table legend

What it does:

This template modification displays the usergroup legend at the bottom in a little table below the users online in forumhome. It's a simple modification and it's easy to install.

How to install:

In your AdminCP > Styles & Templates > Style Manager > Edit Templates > forumhome find the following code:

<!-- end logged-in users -->

Add below:
<tr><td class="alt1" colspan="2" ><center><span class="smallfont"><font color="#CC0000"><b>Administrators</b></font> | <font color="#FF6600"><b>Super Moderators</b></font> | <font color="#33CC00"><b>Moderators</b></font> | <font color = FFFFFF><b>Registered users</b></font></span></center></td></tr>

You can edit the code as you wish, it's very simple. I added a demo, and I attached screenshots to see this very simple mod in action :D

Demo (http://www.semag.com.ar/foros/index.php)


28 Jan 2009, 10:22
Danke :D