View Full Version : [February / March] BOTM Voting Thread

King Kovifor
31 Jan 2009, 19:10
The voting poll will run until the 31st of March.

The following boards were directly nominated for this month's voting:

1.) Tank Spot (5 Seconds)
2.) Tech555 (4 Seconds)
3.) Walt Disney Boards (4 Seconds)
4.) F-body Online (4 Seconds)

The following boards were all tied with 3 seconds and were numbered accordingly:

1.) Girls Forum
2.) Design Forums

The numbers were placed randomly via www.random.org/sequences/ (http://www.random.org/sequences/) and these were the results:

Here is your sequence:

Timestamp: 2009-01-31 19:05:16 UTC

Which means

1.) Design Forums

will be placed in this month's voting poll.

King Kovifor
02 Apr 2009, 02:45
Congratulations to F-Body Online for winning the BotM!