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09 Feb 2009, 19:05
UKBL ~ Mobile Phone Payments with OneBip Merchant Account

Paypal This, Paypal that, Everyones crazy about paypal, but what about members that don't do paypal, Let face it Not everyones got a paypal account, but everyone has a Mobile Phone ;)

Heres a great little "Alternative Payment" service by One Bip


It's all about reach!

Use Onebip on your site and take advantage of mobile phones penetration worldwide
The more payment systems you accept on your web site, the more money you will make.

This is the golden rule of online marketing. Adding Onebip to your site will increase your chances to turn your visitors into paying customers.

Main benefits:

Attract new customers
No setup costs and no monhtly fees
Easy and immidate integration
High coverage
Built-in compliance with industry regulators
Direct support for your customers
Real time statistics
Single payment for all countries

Onebip provides a secure and user-friendly web-based interface that allows Merchants to manage transactions, configure their account settings, view account statements, generate reports and more.

It is available from any computer with an Internet connection and Web browser - you will never need to download or install any software.

Remember that with Onebip your customers need only their mobile phone! :D

So what do you do ??

Its really Easy ;) Just visit OneBips homepage here https://www.onebip.com/merchant/

and open a free business account for your Forum

Then Just log in and create your payment buttons, You can select from a variety of buttons and then you just add the html code to your site.


Then when a member clicks the "Donate Button" like this..


He'll be taken to a payment page where all your details will be shown, even a forum logo :eek:


All the member has to do is sign up and pay and all with just his Mobile Phone !!!

Don't let an opportunity like this pass your site, give your members the choice of paying for Donations, Subscriptions or a Paid Service, with their mobile, It really is that easy.

When you sign up with OneBip, You make your buttoms and add what charges you want. Then with the HTML code which looks like this..

<a href="https://www.onebip.com/otms/?item=3802"><img src="http://www.onebip.com/itembtns/0000/0000/3802.gif" border="0" alt="Donate NOW!" /></a>

You simply add this to where ever you want on your site, I placed mine in the footer template of my style. ;)

Thats it, :up:

Onebip is available throught the world so just select your country and all the leading mobile providers will be shown. Give your members a choice, and enjoy the rewards

the Download Zip has all the details to get you started,

as always please click installed ;)

09 Feb 2009, 19:06
:D reserved ;)

09 Feb 2009, 20:11
gonna tag this, looks to be a very usefull addon :)

Marco van Herwaarden
11 Mar 2009, 10:04
the Download Zip has all the details to get you started,

I don't see any details in the zip-file. Only a few buttons and 1 txt-file with the same link you posted in this thread (and without instructions to change the URL to the members account). No instructions at all.

Is this not more suitable in an article then a modification?

03 May 2010, 01:16
How about an actual integration with vbulletin's payment api manager?!

06 May 2010, 20:36
How about an actual integration with vbulletin's payment api manager?!

Just what i was about to ask that would be way better as every one is different in the Payments subscription you got options it be awsome if this was like that so they have a choice.. not just an image at the bottom looks un tidy.

30 Jun 2010, 02:53
really awesome! I never knew about this payment method, thanks.

01 Jul 2010, 03:39
Its easier to go to the site, register, then copy and paste the button you make at the website...

05 Jul 2010, 01:14
I made an account and pasted the code on my site but it doesn't work. I get "page not found" errors.

I think they're out of business.

27 Jul 2010, 16:51
omg make one for vb 4.0 please

31 Jul 2011, 20:09
^^Ditto, can this be updated for 4 plz?

03 Aug 2011, 11:04
The total fees is 48% for people making less than $3000 a month and only slightly better for those who make more... Not very practical.

23 Aug 2012, 09:41
http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=256426 for thouse who look for 4.x version