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11 Feb 2009, 18:34
UKBL ~ Ebay Feedback Badge ~ Clickable !!

Selling on your site or Letting Members advertise their "eBay" Sales ? What beter way to show how Trustworthy Members are by adding their very own "eBay Feeback Badge" ;)

This is a cool hack which will let your members add a Feedback Badge to their Postbit template, They need to add their feedback Badge user ID in their Control Panel for this to show, If they don't enter one, then the badge don't show :D



How to install.

Its really easy to do, as always, so if your sitting comfortably, lets begin ;)

First go to http://www.auctionfb.com/ and Create your Feedback Badge


Then save the code and user Number as we'll need it later :p

The code looks like this and the number you want is in red

<a href="http://auctionfb.com/click.php?user=2844" target="_blank">
<img src="http://auctionfb.com/feedback.php?user=2844" border="0">

Now we need to create a User Custome field, so.....

AdminCP and add a custom field > User Profile fields > Add New User Profile Field

Title = Ebay Feedback Badge

Description = Get your own Ebay Clickable Feedback Badge here http://www.auctionfb.com/ and then enter your 4 digit User Number Only from the code into the area below

Default Value = Leave empty

Max length of allowed user input = 4

Display Size = 10

Display Order = 10 or 15

Field Required = No as default

Field Editable by User = Yes in case member wants to delete, Later

Private Field = No

Field Searchable on Members List = No

Show on Members List = Yes

Regular Expression = leave empty

Save the field ;)

Once you've saved you can see what the field number is, So lets say its Field6 for example, Remember this as will need it for your Postbit Edits :up:

Thats the first bit done, now Part Two :rolleyes:

Go to the template you are using in Styles & Templates/Style Manager, and select Edit templates.

Go to "postbit templates" and select the template you are using, either postbit or postbit_legacy.

Find the following

<if condition="$post['joindate']"><div class="postbit">$vbphrase[join_date]: $post[joindate]</div></if>

Directly above it add

<if condition="$post[field6]">
<a href="http://auctionfb.com/click.php?user=$post[field6]" target="_blank">
<img src="http://auctionfb.com/feedback.php?user=$post[field6]" border="0">

replace the RED Field attribute for your own

now when members sign up for their Feedback Badge and enter their 4 digit User Number into the "Edit Your Details" section in their UserCP, The Badge will automatically appear in their Postbit :eek:

Members who do not add a user id will not be shown anything.

Oh Forgot to say, Badge is fully clickable so members can Confirm the Feedback Directly with Ebay ;)


Hope you enjoyed this new hack, and thanks to the long car journeys home every night which got me thinking about this earlier :up:

Please Click Installed and I'll support you 100%


11 Feb 2009, 18:36
:D Reserved :rolleyes:

03 Oct 2009, 10:17
Very nice. Thanks for this :D

10 May 2010, 05:46
Thank you so much! This is going to be great for my buy/sell forums.

10 May 2010, 07:14
You're not actually giving them any info are you? I would be very careful on giving ANY ebay details to anyone other than ebay.