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21 Feb 2009, 20:58
This mod to add number of post in Users Awaiting Moderation List in admin cp

this is useful only for forums request new registered to validate emails and wait till final approval from admin

this done in CP by clicking on
List Users Awaiting Moderation

so what then

the list shows User Name, Email, IP Address, options to accept or delete
but not number of posts >>>> is it important ?? yes

as if any old member change his email, that will lead him to validate his email and he will be waiting admin to moderate his membership

so he will be in the list like new registers

and if admin delete him without knowing he is already old member, that's bad , no return, he is out of forum

so it will look better for admin to see number of posts in the list to distinguish between members, who is new and who is old member

it is easy way to add this option but i suggest first you take copy of the file before making any changes

you have to open user.php file

go to moderate section

SELECT userid, username, email, ipaddress

replace with
SELECT userid, username, email, ipaddress, posts

print_table_header($vbphrase['users_awaiting_moderation'], 4);

replace with
print_table_header($vbphrase['users_awaiting_moderation'], 5);


add after

$cell[] = "<a href=\"usertools.php?" . $vbulletin->session->vars['sessionurl'] . "do=doips&amp;depth=2&amp;ipaddress=$user[ipaddress]&amp;hash=" . CP_SESSIONHASH . "\" target=\"_user\">$user[ipaddress]</a>";

add after
$cell[] = "<a >$user[posts]</a>";

that's all

03 Mar 2009, 18:24
Watching with interest.