View Full Version : How To Find Out Top 10 Trophy Holders

04 Mar 2009, 21:32
Two Questions:

Is there a way to find out who the Top 10 Trophy Holders are?

Any way its possible to display this on the Front Page of the Arcade Section?

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OK I've created a code that shows

04. {$Highscorechamp['ArcadeChampion4']}

Now i'm trying to figure out how to make my forums retrieve that data. When I put in {$Highscorechamp['ArcadeChampion3']}, it'll show the third place person but when I add 4 in there, it comes in blank.

05 Mar 2009, 10:39
Look and see if your query limit is 3..


Just change the 3 to how many you want it to show..