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21 Mar 2009, 21:39

UKBL ~ Homeland Security Terror Alert Monitor


Add This Live Threat Condition Terror Alert to your website.
When the threat level changes, the live terror alert will automatically update.

This adds a small gif which shows the currant state of alert in the US, First the Homeland security Alert and the the Aircraft Alert.

Ideal for Military and Patriot Sites, As well as Political and Discussion Sites.
Note: Clicking on the Alert will open a new window so that the viewer does not leave your site.

USE POLICY: This animated image is owned by NTARC. Use of the image is granted provided the proper update code and link back to www.nationalterroralert.com is used.



OK Now for the install, Its really easy

Download the terror.zip file and open the terror.txt in notepad

Now we save that file and we need to copy and paste the entire contents of that file to our Navbar, so...

AdminCP > Styles & Templates> Style Manager> Your Chosen Style> All style options> Edit templates> Navigation / Breadcrumb Templates> navbar

Find the following

<div class="navbar" style="font-size:10pt"><a href="$vboptions[forumhome].php$session[sessionurl_q]" accesskey="1"><img class="inlineimg" src="$stylevar[imgdir_misc]/navbits_start.gif" alt="" border="0" /></a> <strong>$vboptions[bbtitle]</strong></div>

and directly below it add your code

<!--<UKBL Live terror Alert Start>----------------------------------------------------------------------->

<td class="alt2">
<if condition="$show['member']">
<P align="center">
<A href="http://www.nationalterroralert.com"target=blank>
<IMG border="0" src="http://www.nationalterroralert.com/advisory7.gif"
width="177" height="20"></A><P align="center"
style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0">
<A href="http://www.nationalterroralert.com/overview"target=blank><U>
<FONT face="Tahoma" size="2">Homeland Security Live Alert</FONT></U></A>
<!--<UKBL Live terror Alert End>----------------------------------------------------------------------->

and save, Thats it

You'll now see a nice Terror Alert gif by your login box which changes dependant on the state of alert


As always Click installed if you use and i'll support you 100% :)

21 Mar 2009, 21:44
:D reserved ;)

21 Mar 2009, 21:47
Good work, thank you......


21 Mar 2009, 21:56
genius, yet again!

28 Apr 2009, 05:33
Is there anything similar to that for the patriots outside the U.S.?
An alert to the World of the risks posed by the U.S. government?

28 Apr 2009, 06:13
Is there anything similar to that for the patriots outside the U.S.?
An alert to the World of the risks posed by the U.S. government?

or even better the British Governemnt and all the thieves that are in it, you wouldn't believe the crooks that have been running our country :eek: