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23 Jun 2001, 15:16
UPDATE: Please make sure to read the last posts. The beginning of the thread is kinda old, so please don't think this is how it works. Read the last posts.


Hello. This is my first time posting here, so I hope I make a good first impression ;)

Anyways...I just finished my phpBB 1.4.0 Convertor Utility, allthough I don't have an actual phpBB 1.4.0 DB to test it on. All I did was use a DB with 2 forums, one topic, and one post ;). Anyways, if you have phpBB 1.4.0, or any other kind of phpBB (Convert it to 1.4.0, of course ;)), please please help me test this.

If you find an error or some way of crashing or messing up the process, please tell me what happened. Also, if you could send me a copy of the database you are using, that would be greatly appreciated. Please don't think I'll steal your PWs, because they are MD5 encoded.

Known Bugs:

Does not make private forums private while converting

When it is converting, all the user passwords are changed to a different md5-encoded string. I plan to change this later.

I know it isn't very user friendly. Also, please don't take any part of this code without my permission. I worked really hard on it. Thanks a bunch.

Please post anything you have to say about this below.

23 Jun 2001, 19:41
I've seen a different (older) version of this convertor at work and I was impressed.

Note: You will have to use lost password to get your new pw, I think..

24 Jun 2001, 03:55
Nice :)

24 Jun 2001, 04:32
Hey All. I'll be away for the next week. I'll be at NorthWoods (A BoyScout Camp Reservation in Michigan). I'm leaving tomorrow, and I'll be back Saturday. Please don't expect me to respond until then. I'm sorry I will be away...but I wanted to get this released.

Let's have lots of good comments for when I return :D

25 Jun 2001, 20:00
when you get back, you might want to click on the very long link :) hehe (http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=18121&pagenumber=2)

13 Jul 2001, 22:43
OOps...sorry about my excessive being away. As soon as I got back, I had to leave again. Well, here's a new version. Kyle has tested this new version, and he said it worked fine. I am almost sure all the bugs were removed. I hope it works for you too. Let me know.

Thanks. Again, sorry for appearing to be dead.

17 Jul 2001, 11:50
It works for me. :)

17 Jul 2001, 13:09
Works perfectly without any errors. However, is there a way to import members and messages without deleting the current ones? i.e merging into as opposed to overwriting.

17 Jul 2001, 13:50

I've never thought about it, and I think it wouldn't be that easy...because all the userIDs and the forumIDs and threadIDs and postIDs and so on would have to be changed...and that would be VERY server intensive. I guess I could do it...but I don't really think anyone would want to...

The idea of this script is to convert a phpBB Bulletin Board's database into a vBulletin database. It is not supposed to append onto the vBulletin. The idea is that you just bought a new copy of vBulletin, and want to move from phpBB to vB...not to start something on vBulletin for a month, and then append onto it.

If anyone else would like to have merging support, I will do it. Just post here if you'd like this to support merging. Also, please everyone download and test. I got lots of help the first time around, and now it is (99.99%) finished, and barely anyone is helping to test it. Please guys...I'd appreciate it.

17 Jul 2001, 14:55
Merging posts and members would make it into the perfect converter. I would love this.

The reason is that Ikonboard does not really cut it anymore, there is no converter but you can convert to phpBB. That is what I've done with my IB 2.18, converted it to phpBB and then to vBulletin and it worked without any problems. The only thing, is the 3500 posts and 200 members that I would loose if I just overwrite the board. So at the moment I have the conversion of a different database which I cannot use.

Like me, there are hundreds of Ikonboard users waiting for a solution to move to vBulletin. Even in their forums they are starting to get requests, problem is they get deleted.

17 Jul 2001, 15:03
Wow...I didn't know merging was that important ;)

I'm gonna go start on it...I'm not so sure how I'm gonna do merging...but I'll find a way. Maybe after I'm done with this...I'll make one that converts IKonBoard directly into vBulletin ;)

Test this script for me...that's really what I need.

17 Jul 2001, 17:27
Merging is a must. On my forums we're offering sub-hosting of forums for clans, mods, etc...and some of them have existing forums, but have already signed up for ours. I don't want their existing account to be overwritten. I haven't had a chance to test this script yet, but lets say I wanted to import an entire phpBB into a subforum on my vB. Could I do that?

17 Jul 2001, 21:56
slow down...I've got too much to think about. I'm in the middle of working on merging. Once the merging script is done...then, to put everything into a subforum, you would just merge that BB into yours, and move all the forums into the subforum, therefore creating a subsubforum, and a subsubsubforum ;)

vB can do that...so don't worry about the levels getting too deep.

Merging is coming along nicely...Expect the merging version to be released in 2~3 days.

17 Jul 2001, 22:04
2-3 days? WOW!!!

The previous script worked 100%. If you need help with testing it before you release the final, please let me know.

17 Jul 2001, 22:46
This is great news, I can't wait.

If you need help with testing, I'm up to it too.

Thank you:)

17 Jul 2001, 22:50
So once the merging works, how long do you think it will take for the ikonboard -> vBulletin converter, instead of going through phpBB?

I got the members imported to phpBB ok, but the forum importer was corrupted...does anyone have this?

17 Jul 2001, 23:24
Here it is:


This one is not corrupted.

IMO, you are better off doing it through phpBB. An Ikonboard converter might take too long. I have requested one over 2 months ago and nothing. There is an official one on the pipeline, but why wait? They have not given a finishing time or posted any progress on it.

My guess is, by the time it is finished no one will need it. I have a few friends that decided to move to a vBulletin lookalike instead of waiting. The ones willing to wait might as well wait for IB3 Gold.

19 Jul 2001, 12:34
I just realized...

vBulletin has its own BBimport library. It is much easier to use, so I will be using that. From now on, the only file that will need to be downloaded is the convertor file. There will be no conv_global.php or DBwrapper.php (I don't like vBulletin's DBwrapper as much :(). I think I'll still zip it so that it is smaller, but I'm open to suggestions.

Because I'm changing how the whole thing works...it might be another 2~3 days from today. Sorry, but I think after this, it will run much cleaner and faster.

19 Jul 2001, 23:06
Nebula, you are doing us all a very big favour. Please take your time.

When you are done, If you care to send me your PayPal ID I would be more than happy to pay for some of your time.

Thanks again

20 Jul 2001, 02:58
I am considering moving from phpbb 1.4 to vBulletin. But I cannot purchase a license if I do not know for sure if the converter does a good job

What will be the impact for my user? Do they need to re-register? Will the converter take care of everything?

How far is the converter at this time?



20 Jul 2001, 03:10
Maybe the vB developers'll even put it in the members area if you use their format :)

20 Jul 2001, 03:12
Originally posted by Christoph
I am considering moving from phpbb 1.4 to vBulletin. But I cannot purchase a license if I do not know for sure if the converter does a good job

What will be the impact for my user? Do they need to re-register? Will the converter take care of everything?

How far is the converter at this time?



It was "done", but Nebula's rewriting it to work better and use vB's built in bbimport system. It imports forums, users, and everything from phpBB.

20 Jul 2001, 03:13
Great! Thanks! I'll keep an eye on this thread - hoping!! :-)

20 Jul 2001, 03:21
Well...I...don't really know what to say Juan ;) I never really thought of that. I don't have a PayPalID, but I can get one (assuming it is free (I think it is)). My cousin uses it, so I have heard about it.

Merging is coming along nicely. It will probably be out late Friday or Saturday.

Christoph: The convertor does what it does fine. Many people use/used it, and all said it worked fine (the new version ;)). It currently converts:

Forums & Categories

If you would like any more features to be imported, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me. I want this to be a good convertor.

JohnM: It is being made so that it workes with the vBulletin BBimport system. It was not earlier, because I never thought of doing it vB's way. I now realize that if I had used vB's format from the start (I could have, just never thought of ;)), it probably would have been done before now :D. vBulletin's way also makes it 50x easier to do merging.

Hopefully, that answers everyone's questions. It's late, and if I'm gonna get that importer done tomorrow, I gotta get my sleep ;)

Good night :cool:

20 Jul 2001, 03:29

That sounds already that it converts all the basic things - I do not have a big forum yet and not really many hacks in it. So, I guess that would be just perfect at this point!

I appreciate your work and efforts! I am just starting with php a little bit and would be happy just doing some more stuff like what you do.

I'll make up my mind 'til Monday (do not have time until then) and then probably go for it!! How long takes the whole process to have the board up and running again?



20 Jul 2001, 05:47
I wondered why you didn't use vB's functions ;)

20 Jul 2001, 08:59
I need an ikonboard converter but i forgot my costomer number/password and lost the data off my computer when i had to reformatt. So if anyone has an ikonboard convertor they can send me PLEASE help.

20 Jul 2001, 12:13
Crsitoph: The time it should take to complete the importer script should be around 1-10 minutes, depending on the size of your board, and the speedyness of your server ;)

JohnM: I don't know either ;)

Deltawolf: Sorry, but I can't help ya out there. Search this board, or search the web. I'll bet there's one out there somewhere.

Gotta get back to coding. Maybe not yet tho...I just got up ;)
Don't wana put any more bugs in then there has to be :D

21 Jul 2001, 00:56
Hey. I'd say more, but I have to go real quick. I'll be camping tonight. This version is not quite complete. It does not convert options. It DOES however, use the BBimport system. It does merging.

Again, this is not complete. I just wanted to get it out and let the public see it. There is a ToDo list at the top of the file...that'll let you know what I'm planning...feel free to give me more stuff to do here :)

Installation Instructions:
Put it in your /importers directory in the vBulletin folder. You access it thorugh the control panel.

Again, please don't tell me it has bugs. It probably does...I haven't fully tested it, just wanted you guys to see it. Also, it DOES NOT convert options (BBtitle,hottopics,etc). I didn't have time. But this version is also much more user friendly ;) It actually gathers user input!! :p :D :cool:

Anyways...lemme know what you think. I'll be back tomorrow.

21 Jul 2001, 01:50
Thanks, I'll try it now on a new database and let you know how it goes.

21 Jul 2001, 02:25
Just tried it. All members where imported correctly, but no posts.

This is the url: http://www.christopherleeweb.com/forums

23 Jul 2001, 20:52
I'm having the same problem. Everything is imported correctly but no posts appear in any of the threads. Any ideas?

24 Jul 2001, 01:24
Yes, on mine you get the correct forum names but no threads in the forums.

24 Jul 2001, 07:59
I need to convert my Ikonboard to vB real soon, is there someone who can give an advice ??

Thanks in advance !

25 Jul 2001, 00:58
No posts?? I'll go check it out. Also, please clearly state any problems. Don't just say oh, by the way, blah de dah ;).

Thanks. I'll go work on it.

25 Jul 2001, 07:07
My current state:
I was able to convert my users already.

Now I have to convert 40.000 posts from my Ikonboard 2.1.8 to vB, I don't know how to do it, because I don't know if there are several tables or only on I have to deal with on the vB side.

25 Jul 2001, 19:13
Nebula, when I run the convertor all the information is transferred from phpbb to vb apart from the posts themselves. Information is not being copied from the post_text field of phpbb to the pagetext field of vb. I've done a clean install of both boards and it doesn't clear the problem.

25 Jul 2001, 19:39
greenland: An official ikonboard -> vB converter is in the works, however at this time there is no ETA.
If you want to do the posts yourself you need to look at the post and thread tables.

26 Jul 2001, 22:56
Hey. Here's a quick status update. The new version is almost complete. It fixes numerous bugs (Including the no-show threads). The visual output of the script has also improved.

You can expect the new version to be released late tonight, or sometime tomorrow. It is looking really good, I must say.

Post any problems or comments you may have here!!

28 Jul 2001, 16:27
Forget about what I said about being almost complete. Something big just came up. Anyways...here's the current version. Styles don't work, and I am investigating why. If anyone knows why...PLEASE, please tell me. Also, test this and let me know how it all works out...

29 Jul 2001, 03:39
Well, I think this script is finally done!! I have completed everything I wanted to. Please download this file and run it. It also has a feature that I have disabled in this version. Let me explain.

phpBB uses the MD5 encryption algorithm to encrypt passwords. If you know this function, you know that it cannot be decrypted. The script randomly generates the user a new password, and then will email them their new password. That is disabled, just so you don't have to, just because you are testing it, and are not seriously doing this.

If you want to remove that, just surf to Line 192, and remove the comment at the beginning of the line. And remove Line 193 completely. That will let you access the mailer function. I have not tested this, and ANY HELP WITH IT WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Anyways, please test this. If all goes well, I will send this to the vBulletin Developers. I think it is complete. If you think it is missing something, please PLEASE tell me!! I really want this thing to be done!! Thanks all.

Well, what are you doing?? GET DOWNLOADING!!!!! ;)

29 Jul 2001, 08:36
Your work on the import of the phpBB is very nice ;-)
and i love it !

I try your last version, but i have some problems... (20 forums, 200 users, 1100 posts)
- In the table forum, all the fields replycount lastpost lastposter threadcount allowposting have the value ZERO ! and of course, i see the value 0 in my browser for all this relatives fields.
- When i want to open a topic for read posts, i can see posts, but i have a warning for every posts in a topic (Warning: unexpected error in date() in C:\InetPub\wwwroot\vbulletin-fr\upload\admin\functions.php on line 1209).
(I make all my tests of importation on a new fresh and correct install of VB 2.0.1)

I think the importation of style is not very important, because it is very difficult to have a good importation from phpBB to VB. I have skip this code and my importation is ok (style does not change). I prefere a good import of posts, PM, topics, category... ;)

Have a nice day and sorry for my english :(

29 Jul 2001, 12:37
I just looked at my code, and I cannot find the problemwith the allowposting equalling 0. However, all the others should be null. Did you:

Download the newest version? (The one right before your post is the newest one)
Complete the final step (Including updating all the counters)?

As for the dates...that has been fixed. There was a problem with them, and it was fixed in the version above your post. It is very important to update all the counters in the order specified. You must update Users, then Threads, and then Forums, and then Rebuild the Search Index.

The reason you need to update all the counters is that none of the lastpost/lastpostuserid/etc... is inserted is because vBulletin's BBimport system feels you shouldn't. They only import the necessary data. The other code would take additional queries, and I wanted this to run as clean as possible. Also, when you finish an import, you should ALWAYS update your counters and rebuild your search index anyways, so having the script import the lastpost stuff is almost completely pointless (That's my Humble Opinion...).

Anyways...try my newest version if you haven't. If you were using the newest version that I released last night...well...hmm. I guess you should send me your phpBB database, and I'll run the script on it, and I'll see what's wrong.

Thank you for helping to test my script!!

29 Jul 2001, 13:48
Nice !!! all is fine (style also !!) :D :D :D
My mistake was that i don't rebuilt index for counter...i think that it was automatic...i am stupid :(
This is a great utility for all proprietary of phpBB forum.

My phpBB forum is here (http://www.seydarc.fr.st)

Now, with your help and your scrip, i hope to switch in VB in the next week.

Thank you very much for your help and your support !
:p :p

29 Jul 2001, 14:32
Hey...No problem. Helping people is what I like to do.

I'm gonna wait for a few more people to test this, and then I'm gonna take out all the development stuff, maybe comment it, and then sent it to the vBulletin Dev Team. Hopefully, they will like it ;)

Thanks for your support. If you have phpBB, and haven't started testing the final version, please do.

29 Jul 2001, 15:38
I have tested the latest version several times.

The import went very well, no errors. After the import, some membernames were duplicated, reports the same number of threads and posts in every forum and the dates are all wrong "Year 2036"

Posts have been assigned to membernames which are different from the people who actually posted them.

Here is the sample:


And the titles of the threads are different from what is being discussed.

29 Jul 2001, 16:42

Well, I guess I have some more work to do.

Juan, could you please send me a copy of your phpBB database? Email it to Nebula_DJ@SoftHome.net. Anyways, I'm sorry about that. I have no clue what is wrong. Before you send me the database, could you try running the conversion one more time? And also, make sure you are running the newest version.

If the convertor still doesn't work, and you are using the newest version, send me your database. I'll find out what's wrong.


29 Jul 2001, 19:39
I've e-mailed you the database. I hope there is something wrong with it and not the script.

30 Jul 2001, 00:54
Well, the dump you sent me has all the forums labled 1, 2, 3, etc...

I've looked at the results...and the dump you gave me is converting it exactly what it is being given.

Anyways, I think this is an error on your forums, and rather not mine. I don't know why the forums are labled 1, 2, and 3, and so on.

Anyways, I don't think this is a problem with my script. If you want to send me a newer dump, you can.

For everyone else, keep testing.

P.S. Juan, please let me know what you think...

30 Jul 2001, 01:28
Nebula, it could be a problem with my phpBB database as you stated. I've moved from IB, guess I need to make sure everything is bug free at phpBB before importing.

The forums are labelled 1,2, 3, 4, etc because it would be easier for me to merge the posts in the appropiate forum afterwards.

30 Jul 2001, 02:55
Well...check it out. I'm glad it isn't something wrong with my script. Not that I'm happy that it is your problem...just...you know ;)

Also, you guys, keep testing. I really need feedback.

31 Jul 2001, 19:36
Well, since nobody is replying to this, I guess I'm just gonna send this to Jelsoft. If anyone finds any problems with it, please contact me immediately.

I have email notification enabled, so just reply here. Thanks.

31 Jul 2001, 20:15
Hi Nebula ;)
Some remarks before you send your actual release:
- When you import style, add "phpBB_" for example before the name of the phpBB style, because phpBB and VB have the same name "default" for the default style, and after import we have 2 default style and it is difficult to know who is the phpBB an VB style;
- I have choose to conserve the password of the phpBB user: when i make importation, i put the old (phpBB) psw in the VB user base. In VB, i have change the lines where the psw is checked with the same method than phpBB (md5 function); for the Email psw, i must send a random psw, but it is not ready for this moment. With this modification, i can switch from phpBB to VB in 1 or 2 hours max, without any disagrement for users: it is transparent !
- I am not sure at 100% that your script is ok (i hope that it is ok!), but i have some problems like Juan, but for my test of importation, i work on a not very clean base of phpBB...(i have just a difference of 1 between posts and posts_text tables. And the result of the importation give me some stranges mixtes with bad name for posters and also, more strange, i have found privates messages in publics posts... and i am not sure that is only due to the fact that i use a not clean phpBB base... I am writing a litle script for import my real phpBB base from the web to my personnal server without changes or omissions. When this step will be finish, i will say: YES your script is OK or NO...somethings is wrong. That is the raison why i said nothing since some days, i wait to be sure before speaking...
That all for today, and your work is very nice !

I send you more informations when i have
(If you want my real clean base, it is 1,2Mo size...i can post it)
Bye :)

31 Jul 2001, 21:04
Well Juan...you have some good ideas.

On the Styles, that is a very good idea. I'll go add it now.
Hmm, your Password idea is interesting. I'll go make it an option.
When you say my script isn't quite ready to be released, please tell me more of what you mean. Also, please send me a copy of your not very clean database. I want to see what's wrong with this. Also, is it really my convertor's fault if you have a bad database ;) As for PMs showing up in posts, that's just plain whacked. I really want to find out about that. Also, what do you mean by:I am writing a litle script for import my real phpBB base from the web to my personnal server without changes or omissions.

Anyways, please let me know ASAP. I really want to get this thing done...my vBulletin license expires 1 month from now, and I want to get it renewed by hopefully completing this script (JelSoft might give me a new license because I made this for them ;)).

Thanks. Please send me your not clean database in the email. My email address is: Nebula_DJ@SoftHome.net. Talk to you later.

31 Jul 2001, 21:47
----- The following recipients were processed by MTA adansonia.wanadoo.fr...

Nebula_DJ@SoftHome.net; Action: Failed; Status: 5.1.7 (bad sender's mailbox address syntax)

---- Message SMTP Diagnostic: 553 IP address is an open mail relay or part of a multistage open relay - See http://www.orbl.org

01 Aug 2001, 01:35
Well...I have no clue whatsoever what that means, but I got the email all right :p

I'll let you know how it goes...

04 Aug 2001, 12:12
Hey. I would have posted this way sooner then this, but for some reason, I couldn't access vBulletin.com at all. Just last night, all I could access just the main page.

Anyways, here's the new verison. It includes style prefixes, and an option to insert the MD5 encrypted password, or generate a new one. Also, if you choose not to generate a new password for the users, it will not attempt to mail the users their new passwords. Those are the things I need tested.

Well, please get testing. Also, jyr, please tell me more of what you mean. As for a database that has one more entry in posts then in posts_text, I tested that, and found that it just omits the last post. And for private messages showing up as public posts, that would have to be a problem with the database, or vBulletin, but not the convertor script. It's literally impossible for it to take a PM, and put it in a public post. Anyways, correct me if I'm wrong.

I really need some help testing this script you guys. I don't want to send a bad version to JelSoft...

06 Aug 2001, 12:42
Come on you guys. I've got lots of testers in the past. The only person that is testing this is myself (I think). I'm the only one posting here. If nobody posts in one day, I'll send it to JelSoft.

Oh yea, I made some little changes, so please, please, please test this. This will be sent tomorrow if nobody replies.

06 Aug 2001, 15:07
I have testing your preceding release (not the last just above) and i send you by email my results.

This a copy a my mail:
I have take your last version of "bbimport_phpbb.php" and i have try it:
- Same mixte in topics/messages/posters... :((
- It seems that the mixte between post and authors is an offset of 1;
- When i am on the page "phpBB forums" of my imported site (in VB), i see
the same number of messages and topics. The date of last message is always
"Never". The number of topic is ok but the number of message is wrong
(because it the same than topics...).
- When i open a forum, titles of topics are ok. But in topic, messages are
not corresponding with the original.

In my phpBB user base i have:
-1 anonymous
1 Root
2 Upag38
3 Neodidier

And in VB users base, i have:
1 JYR (me for admin)
2 Root
3 UPAG38
4 Neodidier

and for this 3 users, all posts are affected with the id of the phpBB base
and not with th VB base, this is wy i have an offset of 1.May be you use the
order of the table and not the userid ?

Perhaps, all the problem come from this offset...i don't know...
The 2 changes for password and phpBB prefix style works very fine ;))
I hope i can help you with this explanation for fix the problem...
Email me when you have an answer.
See you ;-)

I don't knows if you have receive my email (no answer and sending error...) and if you have make some important change on the problem of the mixte between posts/posters/topics but if you have not, you can't send this release to Jelsoft...
I can't test your last release today, but tomorow it is ok. I think that is't a big bug, and if you fix it, all is perfect ! :D :D
I post my test result on your last release tomorow evening.
Have a nice day ;)

07 Aug 2001, 14:44
Here's yet another update.

Thanks for letting me know about the post username problem. I feel really stupid about this one. The script was using the users's old userID. It's changed so now it uses the new ones.

A List of what I've fixed/added in this release (Not much):

BUG FIX: userIDs in posts
NEW: Redirect code in some steps (used so you do not have to scroll down to the bottom of the page, it loads a new one with the step on it)

I was talking to JohnM about this. He said something about numeric arrays, and threads in the wrong forum. I am talking to him about this now, so I'll get it worked out.

Anyways, There isn't much to test in this version, only one thing was changed (the bug listed above). Test this new version, but there isn't much new stuff to test.

JYR, I did get your email, but I have been quite busy planning for my family's vacation in 6 days.

Send me any suggestions/problems right here. Thanks. Keep testing too.

07 Aug 2001, 17:31
Hi Nebula ;)
Your last release posted today is near perfect !!
All posts have a good name for the messsage now :cool:

But i found 2 big bug :(
- In the main page of VB of my imported phpBB, where i can see all the forums and categorys, the number in the column posts and threads have the same value in every forum (raw). The number of threads is OK, and of course, the number of posts is NOT OK. And the value of the Last Post is always set to Never...
See my exemple: Admin et modérateurs|Rien que pour eux !...|19|19|Never|Root, upag38
- When i open a forum, the names and numbers of threads is OK, but the Thread Starter name is NOT OK. If i open a thread, i read the contents of an another thread...with the good poster name. I saw the VB table Thread, and i observe than between title and postusername you have an offset of 1 again...see the begining of the table thread for my exemple:

threadid title lastpost forumid pollid open replycount postusername ...
1 URL connue 0 12 0 1 0 Root 1 992710680 460 0 1 0 0 0 0

2 -*-*-*-Salouti-*-*-*- 992710680 5 0 1 2 Root 2 neodidier 990735660 183 0 1 0 0 0 0

3 Alors, heureux ? 990735660 4 0 1 8 neodidier 4 Root 990733920 10 0 1 0 0 0 0

4 Retours sur YC2.zip 990733920 9 0 1 1 upag38 3 Root 993427020 619 0 1 0 0 0 0
In reality (in phpBB forum), we have:
The line 1 is OK;
The line 2 is not posted by Root, but by neodidier...
The line 3 is not posted by neodidier, but by upag38...
And so on...

Some litle bug not very criticals:
- I have in my phpBB an Administrator access only forum, and when i make importation, everybody can access to this forum...
- In privates messages, i see my receives messages, it is OK, but in sending message, i have always the value 0...and it is not the true;
- Categories are not imported at all...
- An suggestion: Add in your 1st line of your code the number for the release like this:// phpBB 1.4.0 (V1.6) - by Nebula (Nebula_DJ@SoftHome.net)
Well, I hope that my post can help you to produce the final version of phpBB_Import, you are so near to the true :D :D :D
Very good work :cool: :cool: :cool:

08 Aug 2001, 00:04
Hey. Thanks much for all your help JYR. I will work on this tomorrow. I'll fix just about everything here, because I see what's wrong. I'll give a new version tomorrow.


08 Aug 2001, 09:26
Well...here's what I think:

The problem with the thread and post counters being the same on the main page is not a bug. Did you remember to update counters?? ;) That's the only thing I can think of.
Thread Starter Name: FIXED! Thanks, I can't believe I missed that :P
Admin forums - I'm working on it. I've been pulling my hair out for the last hour. If anyone looks into my code and sees anything wrong with this part, please tell me. That way, I won't go completely bald ;)
Private Messages - I don't really know what you are talking about :(
Categories - They aren't supposed to be imported. It gets way too confusing doing that. Maybe I'll work on it once everything else is done ;)
phpBBconv Version Identifier - Might confuse some users. If I do use that, I'll move it away from the phpBB Version number, or make it clear that this number means nothing to phpBB ;)

Oh well...Reply back as soon as you can. Thanks!

08 Aug 2001, 12:36
Originally posted by Nebula
Categories - They aren't supposed to be imported. It gets way too confusing doing that. Maybe I'll work on it once everything else is done ;)

It isn't that hard to do categories... put them in as forums, store the new forumid in an array, and use that to find the parentID.

08 Aug 2001, 14:44
Geez...you make it sound easy.

If you want to know the real reason, I want to finish everything important. Then I'll work on the lesser features. :-P

08 Aug 2001, 15:35

I really would like to try your hack, but is there a way to connect to phpBB database with same username as databasename ?
I tried to change all $iuser to $idbname but that doesnt works ;-\

Between, many thanx for that addon Nebula, i was just waiting something like that to buy vbulletin ;-)

08 Aug 2001, 16:19
First of all ced...it isn't really a hack. I just put it in this forum, because I wasn't sure where to put it.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean about usernames and databases. Currently, the phpBB Database and the vBulletin database must belong to the same username. Otherwise, it doesn't work. I may change this later, but it would probably go slower...so just put them with the same username ;)

08 Aug 2001, 16:43
Well, i have 2 tables on same server....

I would like to convert phpBB from table2 (username for table2 is table2) to table1 where i installed vbulletin (with username table1)....

Then when i launch the converter, i receive an error message that say i cannot connect tables2 with username table 1 ;-)

08 Aug 2001, 16:54
uhm...yea. That's the problem. The username needs to work for both. Otherwise...it won't work.

08 Aug 2001, 20:02
Hi Nebula and Ced,
Private Messages - I don't really know what you are talking about I want to say that in my phpBB forum, I have send and receive a lot of privates messages. And after the import in VB, i see only my receive message with a certainly good number of mes, but the number of sending mes is zero and of course i can't see my sending messages :(

I really would like to try your hack, but is there a way to connect to phpBB database with same username as databasename ? I have the same problem, because with free servers you have "always" only one database. If you want to import from phpBB to VB with only one db, you stop the phpBB forum, you rename the table ACCESS and SESSION with anything like *OLD, and you can start a new installation of VB (admin/install.php) with fresh tables and after, run the importation from phpBB.

That all ;)

09 Aug 2001, 21:22
Geez...I feel really bad saying this, but I still don't understand what the problem is with the Private Messages. Try and make it the best english you can. I just can't make out any of what you are saying. I'm American, and speak english. I don't really know any other languages other then some french.

Again, I feel really bad (and embarrised) that I cannot read your bug report. If anyone can give me a hand, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, no offense to you JYR of course.

10 Aug 2001, 15:56
Ok, sorry for my poor english...:(

I try again to explain the problem of privates messages:
In my phpBB forum, i have sent and received a lot of privates messages, mais be 50 sent, and 20 received.
When i import my phpBB forum whith your script in a new and empty VB forum, i see in my control panel that i have 20 privates messages in my INBOX folder, this is ok. But in my folder SENT ITEMS, i have no messges, it is empty: the script has lose all my previous sending privates messages. I hope this explanation is more clear than the previous...

The problem with the thread and post counters being the same on the main page is not a bug. Did you remember to update counters?? That's the only thing I can think of. Now, I always update all counters when i make an importation, and i have always the same number of post and thread on the main page. I think you can fix something in your code. You have my phpBB database, it is simple to try it and look if you have the same result like me on this point.
Have a nice day ;)

10 Aug 2001, 19:04
I will get working on the private messages thing. It will take twice as much queries, but I'll do it. I'll make it an option ;)

as for the counters...gah. I'll look into this.

I'm going on vacation for 4 days...leaving tomorrow morning...so you may not have an update for some time...

I'll try and get it out 2nite

::goes off to work on phpBBconv::

10 Aug 2001, 21:17
Yes ! Your converter is awsum Nebula !!!

There are just few things i don't understand on 'finalize process'. That's why prolly i did some ****s finalizing the process and the result is:

On my phpBB board, i had in a category 11949 posts for 478 topics. After the conversion, i see the correct number of total post just before 'Welcome our newest member...' but in the forum description, i have 435 posts for 435 thereads....
Can you explain me ?

Btw, good vacations, you need 'em mate ;-)

10 Aug 2001, 22:36
I noticed an horrible bug ;-\

Many of the threads, not all, are totally screwed up !

I noticed some of the topics are going in the good forum category. But sometimes, i have posts from other topics inside :(

Also the search feature is ****ed up.... i have half of good results and half of them have nothing to do with my query....

P.S: i'm using phpBB 1.2.1 upgraded with upgrade_14.php

10 Aug 2001, 23:12

I really need that vacation (leaving tomorrow (YAY!! ;))). You won't be getting an update now. The SentPM thing is fixed (There's an option that lets you convert the sent PMs or not, if you chose to, the amount of queries and entries will double). It works, and I'm not sure why I didn't do that sooner. I completely forgot. :D

The counters thing I'm still looking into. The only thing I could see wrong is that you didn't follow the right order of which you need to update counters. Did you update users, then threads, and then forums, and then (optionally) rebuild the search index?

Ced: As for this new found horrible bug, please send me your complete phpBB database. My email address is: Nebula_DJ@SoftHome.net.

Anyways, this is Nebula signing off for about 4 days, or until Wednesday, which ever comes first (or last) ;)

11 Aug 2001, 11:35
Bye guys. I'm leaving in 20 minutes. Post all the bugs you can find here. If you test it, and it works fine, tell me that too. I'll be back on Tuesday. Again, the SentPM thing is complete, and I'm still looking into the counters problem. All I can think is that you did not update them in the right order. Make sure you update users, then threads, and then forums, not users, forums, threads like it's organized in the update counters page.

I really need this vacation ;) Anyways, I'll talk to you guys later. I look forward to at least 1 new post on Tuesday.

11 Aug 2001, 13:49
Your email doesn't seems to work Nebula ;\

I sent you a PM ! :-)

Good vacations

12 Aug 2001, 22:02
I'm about to convert a phpBB to vB. I've read the entire thread and downloaded the zip from the first post.

But just a few questions:
Does this thing import stuff from a phpBB database into a vB database? Or does it convert the phpBB database?

And what is the correct procedure? It isn't clear to me what needs to be done to convert and how...

14 Aug 2001, 19:46
YAY!! After a great vacation at Macinac Island (spelling??), I am totally ready to get working again.

Pingu: You didn't read the top part of first post (or am I wrong??). It says to read the last posts. The first post was the first release. The more recent ones are much farther along, and much easier to use, and do so much more. Please download the most recent version (by looking at the most recent posts). As for importing or converting, I'm not sure what the difference is (:P). But, since vBulletin calls it import, and all the vBulletin functions use the word import, then I'll say it imports ;) As for installation instructions, I think I should do that right now:


Download the most recent version of the script by checking the newest posts in this thread.
Unzip the .ZIP file, and upload 'bbimport_phpbb.php' to your vBulletin Importer directory (If your board's url is http://www.yourhost.com/vBulletin/index.php, then your board's importer directory is http://www.yourhost.com/vBulletin/importers).
Log into the vBulletin control panel.
In The 'Import & Maintenance' list, choose 'BB Import Systems'.
Select the phpBB importer list item, and click 'Begin Import'.
The script will guide you through the next steps.
After the script is done, you must to update counters in the order it gave you (Update Users, then Threads, and then Forums, NOT Users, then Forums, and then Threads).
Your phpBB was successfully imported into vBulletin! Enjoy!

Hope that's correct.

Anyways, I must get back to unpacking our car. As soon as I'm done, I will go look at all the bug reports you sent me :P

Hope for a new script version soon!

14 Aug 2001, 23:13
Okie. Here's the most current release. Also, I will be pruning all the older versions for two reasons (I don't want to make vBulletin's database too big, and I don't want people downloading a bad version). Anyways, this adds one feature, and no bug fixes.

The added feature is the addition of the option to import sent PMs also. Also, you may be wondering why the counters bug (the one about thread and post counts being the same). I have looked over this for at least an hour, and have came to the conclusion that this is not a bug. I have been able to recreate the bug by following the last instructions wrong. The threads and posts counters appear the same when you update in this order: users,forums,threads. They appear right when updated in this order: users,threads,forums. I will explain why:

When you update user data, that basicially updates when the user last posted and stuff like that. When you update threads, it counts all the posts inside each thread and the lastposter, and updates the thread. When you import forums, it reads only the thread data. It does NOT read any post data. When a thread is imported, it's replycount is set to 0. It is done so because it saves many queries. When you update users,forums,threads, then the forums look at the replycounts in the thread table, and think that all that's in that forum is single-post threads. Then, when you update threads, all the 0s in the replycounts are changed to their proper number, so it appears to be a bug. But it is not. It is a failure to read the directions...

That is the conclusion I came to. If you don't understand that paragraph before this one, that's okay. It's just technical stuff.

Anyways, test this version. Ced, try updating counters in the right order. It is confusing, because vBulletin has it ordered the wrong way. Maybe I'll submit a bug report ;)

Send me all your feedback.

Also, ced, if this problem persists, I will need you to send me your database. I have a cable modem, so that is no problem. Don't worry about size. I don't care if it is 100MB...just send it ;)

15 Aug 2001, 00:03

I tried again in the order you said and all is fine on the main page now :)

The problem begins when i try to enter in forums... Threads inside forums seems to be posted in random categories :-\
Also threads topics doesn't point with good content.... :-(

I really would like to send you my database but your email doesn' works at all, i keep getting that error: Nebula_DJ@SoftHome.net; Action: Failed; Status: 5.1.7 (bad sender's mailbox address syntax)
Do you check your PMs ?

15 Aug 2001, 18:23
Well...This version I think is perfect. I think it's finally done.

This version fixes the big nasty bug where posts were in the wrong topics. It also adds smiley import support.

If this one has no bugs, then I will change the cosmetics of it, and then send it in.

Test it now! ;) Thanks.

16 Aug 2001, 18:46
Seems PERFECT ! Congratulations for your good work !

Is the last version able to send new passwords ?

Also, i was wondering what's better, to keep MD5 encrypted password by hacking the board or send new passwords ??

16 Aug 2001, 19:29
I'd send new passwords. Just works better with forgot password and such.

16 Aug 2001, 21:44
It does send passwords. I have just commented it out, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to test it without sending the users their passwords ;)

Glad to hear everything is OK.

16 Aug 2001, 21:55
This latest version worked great for me as well. Just some minor cosmetic stuff to clean up. Thanks for a great script!

16 Aug 2001, 22:10
Hi Nebula !
I am just come back from litles holidays, and i see that you are on the work again ! ;)
I try your last release tomorow, and i hope that all is allright !! :D
I post my result tomorow evening, i feel that it is good now !!!
See you tomorow :cool:

17 Aug 2001, 21:54
Hi Nebula,
Bad news with your last release of the 08/15:
- Now, on the main page, the number of threads is ok, and the number of posts is not ok (98 for 66 or 147 for 76...) on all forums;
- In forums, the name of the thread is ok, but thread starter, replys and last poster are not ok. Only the number of reply is ok;
- In a topic, the number of reply is not ok;

In fact, it seems that there is an offset between topics and/or threads, because when i open a topic, i see the post for an another one and the number of answers that i can read is corresponding to the bad number that i see when i am in the page of forums.

The mixte is difficult for me to explain in english...so for see the problem, make like me with my data base (that you have) :
- open 2 windows with one in phpBB and the other with the VB importation;
- for every fields like topics, threads, replys,...you compare the VB with the ref in phpBB;

I am sorry to say this to you, but if you don't use this method, i think you can never solve all this problem of mixing...
I don't know how you check your new release, but if you check with 5 posters and 10 posts, it is working fine ! the problem is perhaps with bigger database, so take a real forum like mine for your script validation.

You are so near of the true, take your time, and make the final release perfect !
So, have a nice week-end ;)

17 Aug 2001, 22:16
I tried the last realease of Nebula and it seems real perfect for me ! My board isn't that small, i have 10 forums and 40000+ posts !

I had the same problem as you and that thing Nebula said solve many problems:
After the script is done, you must to update counters in the order it gave you (Update Users, then Threads, and then Forums, NOT Users, then Forums, and then Threads).

The proof i'm really happy of that script is i bought my license and i'm planning to convert my board in the next days :D

18 Aug 2001, 11:34
Hi Ced,
I had make the update of counter in the good order (Users, then Threads, and then Forums), and the problem can't comes from this point.
If you say that all is correct for you, i dont understand where the corruption come from in my importation ???
I check more for a mistake in my configuration and i post when i have found something...
Nebula, forget my last post, the mixing problem is in my database or in my brain...sorry !

18 Aug 2001, 12:55
Well...I'm somewhat confused ced. Is the problem my script or your database? It sounded like it was the scripts problem, but then I thought you said it was your database's problem. I'm confused. Just let me know if it is my script's problem, or your databases problem. Also, if it is a problem with my script, please send me a copy of your phpBB database, or a link to your phpMyAdmin so I can get it that way. Also, I DO compare the original phpBB and the imported vBulletin side-by-side.

I'm at my grandparents house, so I can't really make an update, as I don't really have any FTP clients or anything, and they don't want me to clutter up their computer.

Be home hopefully tonight or tomorrow night!

18 Aug 2001, 13:28
Hi Nebula,
CED have a good result with your script and me, JYR i have some mixte...we are 2 differents posters with 2 differents result ! :D lol

18 Aug 2001, 13:55
Hi !

first thanks Nebula for enabeling me to go to vBulletin from my old phpBB :)

I used to make it with one of the first versions of your script.
After some "Find & Replace" on the similies stuff in vi ;) I came accross the difficulty of all links + bbcode stuff...

So I've made a little script of mine to do this using a modified html2bb (found in admin/bbimport.php)

Here the modified I've used to get all these nasty <! BBCodes ... and other into nice vB style codes

Hope this can help some of you.

Now I've a clean forum :)

18 Aug 2001, 16:09
Hmm...that's really good. I was actually thinking of making something like that, just because that function doesn't work well with phpBB code. Thanks a bunch!

Actually, I think I'm gonna make my own code for this, just because that uses a lot of str_replaces. I was thinking about just removing everything in the posts between (< !--)s. Anyways, thanks tho...that has a bunch of good ideas in there. I will base many of my ideas on it.

Thank you bunches tho!!

18 Aug 2001, 18:24
:) Glad you like it

The smilies part (beginning of the file) is not correct for phpBB as these guys stored a href to images directely

But someting like :

$htmlcode=eregi_replace("<IMG SRC=\".*smile.gif\" border=\"0\">",":)",$htmlcode);

might do the job pretty well :)

18 Aug 2001, 20:31
I converted my phpBB forum fine, but i have a minor problem...
No email has been sent to users :-\
I removed the comment in the converter just before
echo "<p>Users imported sucessfully.</p>";
$action = "mailusers";
$action = "forums";

How can i mass email their passwords to my members?

18 Aug 2001, 20:46
Another minor problem:
How to remove all useless slash in posts in phpmyadmin ?
like: it\'s me

18 Aug 2001, 22:19
Hmm...as to the mass mail not working...if you look at the 2 lines:

$action = "mailusers";
$action = "forums";

You'll notice that the $action = "forums"; is rewriting the $action variable so that it will no longer mail the users, but go to the forums. So remove the $action = "forums"; line. Also, please do not run this version. It is not complete. Do not use it for your final import. The final version you will obtain from JelSoft (hopefully ;)).

As to the \'slash\' problems...I do not know what is wrong with that. I'll look into it, but I am not sure what you are talking about.

Also, expect a new release very soon that has much improved HTML2BB decoding.

19 Aug 2001, 03:19
Why don't you edit the first post so it always has the latest version? This would make things much easier for everyone.

19 Aug 2001, 23:20
Originally posted by ced
Another minor problem:
How to remove all useless slash in posts in phpmyadmin ?
like: it\'s me

Neb, GREAT script. It all worked except for this detail.
I'm not an advanced programmer, but I would suspect that this can be fixed by another string replace ?

Basically, it's leaving the slash escape character in the new posts.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for an awesome script!


20 Aug 2001, 01:37
I'll get on it right now. Expect a new release as soon as I restore all my phpBBconv stuff (I had to re-format my computer (too much surfing to strange sites sometimes gets you viruses)).

20 Aug 2001, 22:22
Here's a new release everyone! If I do say so myself, it has a GREAT new feature. It is a HTML2BB function modified so that it works 100% with phpBB 1.4.0. I've tested it myself, and so you shouldn't see any phpBB BBCode left over. It should be all converted into vBCode (hopefully).

Also, I have not been able to reproduce the error with the \'s. I am thinking it may be something with your database. If you have this error, send me ONE of these:
Your Database
A Link to phpMyAdmin that has access to the phpBB Database and the vBulletin Database

Please don't post them to the forums here, rather email me (Nebula_DJ@SoftHome.net).

Thanks a bunch. This version also has some optimizations to it where I turned "s into 's because of something I read in a PHP book. If you use echo "Lala!";, it checks if it has any variables or special stuff in there, where as if you do echo "Lala!";, it does not check for anything. So that should speed it up remotely.

Please test this version. We are very near FINAL!

20 Aug 2001, 22:48
Regarding that las comment,you're talking about string interpolation right? Where stuff inside double quotes is checked for varaibles and while stuff inside single quotes is not. Anyways, the speed increase for that is extremely minimal but I guess you need to pull out every ounce of speed possible :)


21 Aug 2001, 01:52
Well...if that's what it's called then...yes. And also, I do want to get every ounce of speed out of this, because otherwise the script may timeout, and leave you with a semi-corrupt database. And...if the database is corrupted, that's not good. And besides, if it's a millisecond faster, nobody will notice, or care.

Well...as of this post...0 people have downloaded the newest version...that's not good...get testing, this is a quite important release.

21 Aug 2001, 01:58
I'm waiting on the verdict for the slash thing :)

I know your script works cause if it worked on my UBB->phpBB->vB then it HAS to work for everyone else :)

Besides, 900 users and 28,000 posts takes awhile to convert :)


22 Aug 2001, 00:40
Since some people are waiting to see what is up with the slash thing, I have no clue what's causing it. I need people to run the most recent version, and test that. Please use that script to generate a vBulletin database, and then tell me if you are affected, and if you are, send me a link to your vBulletin database (using phpMyAdmin), or an actual copy of the converted vBulletin database.

Also, I am working on a version that fixes some problems (not bugs) in the new html2vBCode routine. If any BBCode is not being converted, I know. Just focus on the slashes please. Thank you.

This script is almost done. Please don't let me loose all my testers.

22 Aug 2001, 00:43
Thanks Neb, I'll run it again right now and should have something to you shortly......


22 Aug 2001, 01:08
I think I might have figured out the slash problem.

If you look in the DB, some ' characters are escaped with one slash while others are escaped with 3.

I'm gonna remove the extras with a find/replace and try it.....


22 Aug 2001, 01:35
Nope, this one locked up on a post.......did not get to test my slash theory.

What now?


22 Aug 2001, 14:46
Hello All. Hopefully, this version fixes the problem with the slash thing. Please test it, and let me know how it works out.

Also, some phpBB BBCode decoding problems have been fixed. It should now decode < img> tags and Edit Messages. Also, I am having trouble with the smilies being turned into their respective symbols, and < font> tags being decoded. I am currently working on it. Please do not tell me those don't work, because I know ;)

If you have any ideas on how to help out on fixing the smilies code or the font code, please let me know ASAP. My school begins this coming Monday (8-27-2001). After that, I will not be able to work on this very much, and I am working very hard on it. I need all your help. Thanks!

22 Aug 2001, 15:18
I converted about a week ago and apart from some slashes and broken smiley links everything has been running smoothly.

Thanks Nebula!

22 Aug 2001, 15:45
Try running the version released just above your post. That way, the slashes will be removed (hopefully). The smilies are currently being worked on.

Tell me how it goes.

22 Aug 2001, 16:38
Hi Nebula,

Thanx to your work, my board is now on vBulletin since one week now, and like jpetrovs, it runs just fine !!!

Can you isolate your code for the slash thing problem, because my database is way too huge to do it on all post manually ;-)

Many thanx,

23 Aug 2001, 00:13
I think this version may be perfect!! Please download it and test it. Smilies work. All BBCode is decoded. If this version isn't perfect, I give up (not really...but you know what I mean ;)).

I'll be away tomorrow, so I won't be around. Let me know what happens!

If this version is fine, then this will be the final version! Don't stop testing now, you've come so far ;)

23 Aug 2001, 01:39
Turned out that this isn't a bug fix, but rather a compatibility issue caused with the [ code ] tags, and the [ quote ] tags. This version also gives you the option of mailing users. If you do not want to, when you get to that step...just enter 0 for the number of cycles.

Hope this one is final!!

24 Aug 2001, 13:28
Is anyone gonna give me feedback?

Remember, this coming Monday (8-27-2001), or 3 days, I return to school. So, that means that unless I have an unusually low amount of homework, I will not be able to work on this at all. Please help me now so I may get it finished.

24 Aug 2001, 13:48
Neb, it works great. However the mail users function breaks in the SQL.

Weird, I pasted the SQL into phpMyAdmin, and it works.....just not in the context of the script.


24 Aug 2001, 13:51
hrm...I was afraid of that, no official testing and all...I'll go check it out.

24 Aug 2001, 14:57
Here's a teeny weenie bug fix. It fixes a problem with a SQL Query Error. What happened was there was an invalid variable name in the LIMIT clause. It's fixed now, and is ready for testing again ;)

Please don't stop testing now. I really need your help.

25 Aug 2001, 19:35
How Import PHPBB 1.4 forum/users in vB2.03?

i have 2DBs, one for PHPBB and one for vB. please need Help!!

vB Forum is not empty, has many forums and users!!!

25 Aug 2001, 22:15
well...download the .ZIP file from the post right above your first one, and then unzip the bbimport_phpbb.php file somewhere on your harddrive. Then upload it to your vBulletin importer directory (if your vBulletin web address is: 'http://www.yoursite.com/forum', then your importer directory is 'http://www.yoursite.com/forum/importers'). Then, go to your vBulletin Admin control panel, login, and then find the link on the navagation panel (left side) that says BB Import Systems. It's right above Update Counters. Then, select the phpBB entry, and follow the instructions from there.

I guess this means to all my testers that there are no bugs??

26 Aug 2001, 17:10
I guess...this means that since nobody is giving me bug reports...that this version is ready to go final!

At least 3 people have used this script right now, and it has been perfect in converting for them. There was a minor technical difficulty, but that was because they didn't wait until it went final (like now ;)). I am going to trim the script up, rewrite the dialogs, and then ship it off to JelSoft (finally :P).

If there is a last minute bug that you find in this, please contact me immediately. Thank you.

26 Aug 2001, 22:17
I test the import-script in next days.

27 Aug 2001, 15:26
Why don't you start a new thread for this and ask the mods to close this one? since it's gotten to be so long people have to read through it to get to the file...

27 Aug 2001, 16:49
interesting idea...but I won't for 2 reasons...[list=1]
It's complete
It's the thread with the most posts in this forum, and I intend to keep it that way ;) EDIT: This thread got moved...so it isn't any more...sob :-P

This script is done anyways, so it shouldn't really be updated anymore...really...kinda...;)

28 Aug 2001, 04:06
*snicker* Moved, lol. :)

So now that you've got the phpBB importer nailed down...where's the one for converting straight from ikonboard to vBulletin!? :)

28 Aug 2001, 20:33
Well, I'm not going to say anything for now, but once iKonBoard 3 goes final, and it seems that they will not be making very many updates to the database structure/data, then I may start work on an iKonBoard importer.

As some of you may know, because I told you in a post, or you know me, I have as of currently returned to school. There is not much homework right now, but I am sure there is plenty of wrath that my teachers have stored up for me :P

I will definately be making a phpBB2 importer. You can count on that. iKonBoard3 importer is a maybe. iKonBoard 2 is a no. People will have to upgrade. IB2 was free, and so is IB3. I can't make an importer for every version, just the newest ones ;)

29 Aug 2001, 21:10
Question, will this import users, user post count, and rankings? I have been a long time phpBB user, and finally decided to upgrade to vB, a lot of my users don't want their "ranking" to be set to ZERO again.

Thanks for all your help!

29 Aug 2001, 21:19
I don't know about rankings, but it does import their postcounts, so at most you'd have to re-enter the rank names

30 Aug 2001, 00:20
You mean the stuff in the ranks table? (School was tiring today :P). It's an idea...but...well hmm. I guess I never thought of it. I could do it, but...oh gah...I really don't want to release another version (I want this to be done). I will do it though. This will be pretty low on my list of priorities tho...School being at the top ;)

Talk to you later.

30 Aug 2001, 01:46
Awesome! Consider me to be another vB customer after this weekend :)


30 Aug 2001, 04:11
Use it, love it....

Neb helped my turn my UBB -> phpBB -> vB into a fully working DB, and it had LOTS of problems.

The script was(is) awesome.......it's final as my 900+ user 35000 post board will attest to.....

Thanks Neb,


30 Aug 2001, 12:18
Whee, glad to know people are happy. I've been trying to send emails to Ed Sullivan, but he isn't responding :P

I'm going to try some other ones.

02 Sep 2001, 09:08
thanks! looks gr8 :)

but where's the link? it was here! it's gone??? :confused:

02 Sep 2001, 16:04
I sent a message to James, but he won't be back until September 14 (I think). That's the good news, I got the message sent. The horrible news is...my vBulletin license expires on the 9th of September!!!!!

So, if you guys want something fixed, please tell me before September 9th. I don't want to run a vBulletin copy if it's expired...

02 Sep 2001, 23:46
Hello. This version may add a bug or two, but that's okay, the new features were supposed to be included, but never were, but now are (did I say that right??). The new features are:
Rank Title Imports
User Title Imports
Ban List Imports
Censored Word Imports
Illegal Username Imports
FIXED: Settings were not taking immediate affect, only after you changed them in the control panel, they now take immediate affect.

Anyways, hope you like this update. I need a few people to help test this. I have tested this myself, and believe it to work, but would like to know it works for others too...

In other news, this will be the version I send to James (if no bugs are found). Please help me get this tested.

02 Sep 2001, 23:47
Silly me...I forgot to upload the new release :P

04 Sep 2001, 20:45
i am in the process of converting a phpBB w/

Total Members: 6419
Topics: 37009
Posts: 355434

i'm over half done and no probs yet... i'll let you know how it works for me :D

04 Sep 2001, 20:48
cool, I'm here. Tell me if anything happens.

04 Sep 2001, 21:21
Originally posted by Nebula
cool, I'm here. Tell me if anything happens. will do... probably tomorrow though... i will be leaving before it gets finished!

after it imports threads, what is left?

04 Sep 2001, 22:45
PMs, Options, and to update counters...that's all

06 Sep 2001, 13:55
well the conversion went good w/the exception of some of the bb code... for example ->

the [b] tags reverted to <b>
and some of the [url] tags reverted to <a href....>

so some of the pages are a little messed up but the conversion went pretty good all in all.

06 Sep 2001, 20:35

Sorry, didn't understand that one at all :P

Tell me more about some pages screwing up, and what do you mean some BBCode reverted?

06 Sep 2001, 22:05
i found little snipets of html within some posts. not sure if it should be there or not. i haven't had time to look over the board as much as i would like to.

06 Sep 2001, 22:32
can you tell me what kinds of HTML? Bold Tags...Link Tags...Font Tags...give me some info!! ;)

07 Sep 2001, 07:38
I haven't had much time lately to keep testing the script. My phpBB forums are now cleared from all problems encountered from importing from IB, so I have a 100% working database.

I imported everything into Vbulletin and this time it went much better than before, if fact there are just a couple of problems this time.

The first is the members, it does imports them but does not merge them at all. i.e where members had the same username at phpBB as in vBulletin, they appear as duplicates (2 Charles, 2 John, etc) That is nothing too serious as I can fix it manually.

The main problem are the dates and I've tried everything. Not with the date they registered but with the date of posting. i.e May 23rd, 2037 03:59 In all the posts, the dates are wrong. They year is always in the future.

Anyone else having this problem or knows how it can be fixed? I'm not talking about importing into an empty database, that may work, but one which has members and posts already.

Apart from that, it's perfect.

07 Sep 2001, 14:45
Originally posted by Nebula
can you tell me what kinds of HTML? Bold Tags...Link Tags...Font Tags...give me some info!! ;) so far i've only seen bold and link tags.

07 Sep 2001, 20:50
okie, I'm reconverting my test board (provided by ParentStep.com). I will see what is wrong with the bold and link tags not working. Also Juan, That problem can be fixed about the dupe usernames. Just tell me how I should change it ;) Also, I'm looking into the whacked post dates...

I'll let you know what happens, and if i'm able to reproduce some of your errors.

07 Sep 2001, 22:09
Hmm...I reproduced the all the errors but the post date/time bug, and fixed them. As for that, it worked completely fine for me. Since it is not broken for me, I won't try to fix it. Try converting again, and make sure that you are using phpBB version 1.4.0 or higher. If you still get something messed up with the post date/times...please send me a link where I can download a copy of your phpBB database (or a direct link to phpMyAdmin).

Here's the new release. I fixed some BBCode issues...what happened was, I removed the insensitivity flag in the preg_replaces in the HTML2vBCode function. So, only HTML tags that were uppercase were changed. That's now fixed. This version, you really only need to use it if you want to try to import a database, I did not add any new features.

08 Sep 2001, 07:59
I'm trying desperatly to fix the time and date of the posts.


phpBB Posted: 2001 Mar 29 23:00:35

vBulletin Posted: 08-23-2034 04:00 AM

Could this have something to do with the Time Zone Offset or the format of times and dates that has been set in the options at the Admin centre?

08 Sep 2001, 12:59
Juan, it is not an error with the time-zone settings. It is something else. Either your phpBB Database is corrupt, or, I don't know. Please send me a link where I can download a SQL dump of your phpBB database. Or, send me a link to a copy of phpMyAdmin. If you do, I'll get on it right away.

08 Sep 2001, 13:51
Hi Nebula,

You are right, I found out what is causing the error. It's the format of the dates at phpBB, they are not standard. I need to convert those dates properly before it will work.

Don't worry, I think I have it under control now.

08 Sep 2001, 14:01
Are you using phpBB 1.4.0? Or, are you using a hacked version of phpBB 1.4.0? Tell me if what you did is because of you, or because of the way phpBB works. If it is because of phpBB, and not a hack, send me a copy of your dump so I can fix this. Thanks.

09 Sep 2001, 03:23

I would like to thank you for your import script, it's perfect. Don't forget to e-mail me your paypal details.

At last it has worked. Nothing wrong at all with your script, it was to do with the format of the dates from IB. After moving to phpBB, I had to run another script to change to the correct date format, then it just went very smooth.

I managed to go from IB to PphBB to Vbulletin without a single bug.

Too cool.

09 Sep 2001, 03:45
Goodie, I've been looking over the code every 2 hours or so hoping to realize what was wrong. Glad you fixed it.

::sigh::...my vBulletin expires 2nite, or tomorrow, however JelSoft does it.

10 Sep 2001, 13:55
ah, thanx for the new version. i will give it a go and let you know how it works :D

26 Sep 2001, 15:46

It sounds like a great script!
I didnt test it yet, can i import from a phpbb that is NOT located on my server?

I guess the phpbb board owner will have to send me his DB right?

26 Sep 2001, 15:53

26 Sep 2001, 15:54
Thanx John ;)

02 Oct 2001, 23:00
Ive got a good database to test that on :)

The sql dump is about 50 megs.

Ill give it a shot and see how it works.


03 Oct 2001, 07:18
hmm.... i tried it out after installing vb yesterday.... but my posts are all gone.... :( only the members are properly imported...

03 Oct 2001, 12:42
Retalin: Hope it works out OK ;)

JirQUEST: Are you sure you are using phpBB 1.4.0 at least? Also, do you have some hacks installed on your board?

03 Oct 2001, 22:35
Its really looking good... its been importing threads for about the last 2 hours. On our private forum there areover 500k posts :)

Interesting how well it seems to be working. Ill update you when its finished.


03 Oct 2001, 22:39
Well darn :(

After i posted that 30 seconds later its finished and now I get this on the 'finalize'

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/website/vbulliten/importers/bbimport_phpbb.php:2) in /home/website/vbulliten/importers/bbimport_phpbb.php on line 8

Go to the forums and it comes up with the usernames correct for the moderators howerver there is only 1 user, 0 posts, and 0 threads :(

Oh well.. good script Neb, must just be my forum.

03 Oct 2001, 22:56
haha boy o boy dont I feel like a toad.

They all imported, only with the date 01-01-1970


any ideas?

03 Oct 2001, 23:08
...your dump?

Give me a location I can download a COMPLETE dump of your phpBB data.

UPDATE: Try updating counters first...since Finalize for some reason or other didn't want to work...

04 Oct 2001, 21:35
Originally posted by Nebula

JirQUEST: Are you sure you are using phpBB 1.4.0 at least? Also, do you have some hacks installed on your board?

yeah i was using phpbb 1.4.0, and it was modded heavily..... anyway, dun think it could be solved now.... the new board has been up and running for a day and more already (oops).... nevertheless, it managed to get the users imported over (the more impt thing) and i am pretty satisfied. thanks :D :D :D

04 Oct 2001, 22:50
sure, glad it worked out (it did, right??). As always, this script will (probably) not work with seriously hacked-up boards, or hacked-up boards for that matter.

04 Oct 2001, 22:57

Any luck with that DB I sent ya?


05 Oct 2001, 07:46
Well it all works except the date... it has to just be a simple string conversion im guessing... guess I will look into it and let you know Neb.


05 Oct 2001, 07:52
Originally posted by Juan

I would like to thank you for your import script, it's perfect. Don't forget to e-mail me your paypal details.

At last it has worked. Nothing wrong at all with your script, it was to do with the format of the dates from IB. After moving to phpBB, I had to run another script to change to the correct date format, then it just went very smooth.

I managed to go from IB to PphBB to Vbulletin without a single bug.

Too cool.

Hey, it might be a good idea to show us what the script you used to change the date format as... it might assist some of the others (like me :p ) that are working on a conversion.

14 Nov 2001, 00:37
Does this work with vB 2.2.0?

13 Dec 2001, 13:08
a question before i start converting...
does it take in consideration hacked boards or does it only treat the standard database??
in phpbb about 12 extra rows and tables..
in vb about 5 extra rows in user and extra table....

25 Dec 2001, 13:11
It should work fine as long as you haven't changed any of the original DB structure. It will work if you added columns to the DB structure, but not if you changed the default ones. Also, don't expect it to convert the extra data :-D

Also, this works fine with vBulletin 2.2.0+, just make sure that you reuse md5 passwords. And since you're doing that, there's no need to make new PWs.

01 Jan 2002, 16:13
Will this importer work for importing "phpBB v2.0 RC-1" or "phpBB v1.4.4" to the latest version of vb?


01 Jan 2002, 21:16
Nope, at least it hasn't been tested with anything above 1.4.2. A phpBB version 2 will be in the works as soon as phpBB2 goes gold.

As for 1.4.4 compatibility, I'll look into it, and get back to you soon.

01 Jan 2002, 21:39
Yes, it is compatible with 1.4.4. There will be an importer made my me for phpBB2. I don't want to make one for a pre-release version, because they could make some huge database rewrite, and I'll have to redo the whole thing.

Anyways, look forward to this.

24 Jan 2002, 21:08
Question... probably a stupid question too. Does this convertor require 2 MySQL databases? I'm assuming you need one for PHPBB and one for VBB?

Is there any way I could convert from PHPBB to VBB with just the one MySQL database?

I'm currently using Ikonboard 2.1.9 and I guess I'll have to take the long path to get over to VBB.

29 Jan 2002, 07:13
Am I blind or is the hack not here anywhere?

06 Feb 2002, 09:24
someone please tell me where to download this hack. I clicked "install this hack" in the hacks section and nothing happened. Where are the files? If this is a stupid question, please go easy on me - I'm new.

25 Mar 2002, 10:41

28 Mar 2002, 02:10
I'd like to import my phpBB to vb. Unfortunately, my host will not allow one username to have access to two db's! What can I do?!

28 Mar 2002, 02:22
heh, being the really nice guy I am (hehe ;)), you can send me the phpBB database (no worries, I'm not in this to steal your board, just look at all my happy customers before you! :)). Make a dump of your phpBB database, .ZIP it, and if it's under 3MB, you can email it to me at Nebula_DJ@softhome.net. If it's over, upload it somewhere, and mail me the link ;)

28 Mar 2002, 02:27
But bare with me - I am SO TOTALLY NEW at all of this. Like one month into it.

Can you explain to me what you will do from there?

Thanks so much!


28 Mar 2002, 02:50
sure, no problem. I'll load the dump onto my server, turn it myself into vBulletin format, dump that, and send it back to you ;)

EDIT: I'll have to get back to you in the morning, I'm off to sleep.

02 Apr 2002, 18:10
glad to hear the process worked out.

I got an email from deanger saying it worked ;)

02 Apr 2002, 18:52
Can't begin to tell you the grief it saved me.

02 Apr 2002, 18:55
hehe, glad to hear it ;)

24 Apr 2002, 04:50
Just to confirm, can the script import all necessary data such as the members and threads from phpBB Gold?


24 Apr 2002, 12:22
not this one. This one is for phpBB 1.4.x. I have made a new one somewhere...

::looks around::

http://www.vbulletin.org/hacks/index.php?s=&action=showhack&hackid=301 There we go ;)

That one is still kinda in its beta phase, but it's more off to RC stage. There might be a few bugs in it, but I've removed all that I've been told of or found myself. I hope to finish it soon ;)

11 Jan 2003, 08:12
Originally posted by Nebula

I've never thought about it, and I think it wouldn't be that easy...because all the userIDs and the forumIDs and threadIDs and postIDs and so on would have to be changed...and that would be VERY server intensive. I guess I could do it...but I don't really think anyone would want to...

The idea of this script is to convert a phpBB Bulletin Board's database into a vBulletin database. It is not supposed to append onto the vBulletin. The idea is that you just bought a new copy of vBulletin, and want to move from phpBB to vB...not to start something on vBulletin for a month, and then append onto it.

If anyone else would like to have merging support, I will do it. Just post here if you'd like this to support merging. Also, please everyone download and test. I got lots of help the first time around, and now it is (99.99%) finished, and barely anyone is helping to test it. Please guys...I'd appreciate it.

I am EXTREMELY interested in the merge support and know there are alot of people out there that would want the merging feature.

11 Jan 2003, 13:29
I'm sorry, but this one does not have merging support, and I don't think I will code it for this one. I do reccomend you upgrade to phpBB2, as I have made an importer that does support merging. The link to it is in the "hacks -> import scripts" section.

Sorry, but even the phpBB crew reccomends you upgrade to phpBB2, and I must agree, phpBB2 is much cleaner and more efficient than phpBB 1.x.

14 Oct 2003, 15:24
Hi Nebula, could you please help me in the same way you helped Deangar. My host is being a +++++ and not replying to me (and its bee 2 weeks now )

Please your help would be greatly appreciated :)

14 Oct 2003, 20:37
there's not much I can do, if your host isn't replying. Sorry, but besides you sending me the database file (probably very large), there's not much I can do. And I'm not sure if I'm able to manually convert databases...I've been very busy lately. sorry.

I reccomend you try to get in contact with some of your host's other customers. I'd also consider getting a new host ;)

17 Nov 2003, 00:45

Sorry, I am new, how to find where all these attachment links?

23 Nov 2003, 13:31
To anyone wanting to run the import scripts..where host doesn't allow same names:

I had the same problem...but I found a solution. In my vb database, I restored my lastest invision board backup. Now my db had all the vb tables and the ipb tables. I then ran the importer..pointing it to my db...and all files were imported correctly and completely.

When done...be sure to drop all tables from old db.