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16 Apr 2009, 00:54
This Mod Will Work On 3.6.x + Versions as Well !
This is my first little modification so bear with me guys... if you like it, a little thanks would be nice.

If you got any questions just ask me, or pm me, and i will try to answer you.

Step 1: Add a new Profile Field with the following options:

* Single-Line Text Box
* Title: Gamertag
* Description: Enter your Xbox Live Gamertag here.
* Max length of allowed user input: 15
* Field Length: 25
* Private Field: No
* Field Searchable on Members List: Yes
* Show on Members List: Your choice
* Which page displays this option? Edit Your Details

Remember the Field ID.

Step 2: Modify the Postbit_legacy in your template:

1. Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Postbit Templates ->

<if condition="$show['avatar']">
<div class="smallfont">
&nbsp;<br /><a href="member.php?$session[sessionurl]u=$post[userid]"><img src="$post[avatarurl]" $post[avwidth] $post[avheight] alt="<phrase 1="$post[username]">$vbphrase[xs_avatar]</phrase>" border="0" /></a>
After this add:
<if condition="$post[field5]"><fieldset><legend>Gamertag</legend>
<font color="green"><b><span class="postbit_text">$vbphrase[field5]</span> $post[field5]</div></b></font>
Replace the $post[field#] with your field ID you used for your gamertag!

Step 3: Go to Edit Your Details to add your gamertag to your profile.

Step 4: You're done!

Note: the code that i have given u makes the Gamertag Bold and Green color, so you can change it if you want.

16 Apr 2009, 00:58
I will make a few changed and modifications.... and will keep you guys up with the new modifications, thanks.


16 Apr 2009, 16:24
So now they swicthed the profiles to just the avatar for xboxlive now nice mod btw?

16 Apr 2009, 22:06
XBL new experience is out for a while now.... and they have avatars... with this mod, i just made to people to use on their gaming sites or they can use it on their xbox 360 sites.... also could be switched around and changed name to show the PSN name.

for the playstation one i use this...
<if condition="$post[field5]"><fieldset><legend>PSN ID</legend>
<font color="green"><b><span class="postbit_text">$vbphrase[field5]</span> $post[field5]</div></b></font>

25 May 2009, 16:42
Thanks--Nice Option for members that have X-Box--

It would be nice to add a conditional so that nothing at all will show when a member doesn't have x-box or psn... either that or maybe a small message saying to add your psn or xbox..

What do you think?? What is shown now for members that don't have xbox? Just the empty table??

Thanks much..


22 Jul 2009, 21:32
does not work for me,cant see where it pulls the info from to show avatar ?