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20 Apr 2009, 16:12
Size: 98px/27px
Format: .GIF

Light matted with three colours available. Black, blue, and red.

21 Apr 2009, 00:53
Thank you Very much.
I installed the black ones.

21 Apr 2009, 01:01
Glad you like them, and you are most welcomed. :)

nda n9ne 9
26 Apr 2009, 08:29
how do i add these to my forum i have no clue

26 Apr 2009, 10:57
Take note of the image file names and upload the rank images to /forum/images/ranks/

Within the ACP > User Ranks > Add New User Rank. You will see a number of input boxes. We'll do a quick on as an example:
Using administrator...

*Number of times to repeat rank: 1
*Usergroup: Administrator
*Minimum Posts: 0
*Stack Rank: No
*Display Type: Always

*User Rank File Path: "Enter your file path to an image for this rank. The path should be relative to your main forum directory. images/ranks/admin.gif

nda n9ne 9
16 May 2009, 23:36
ill give you admin on my site as i am still confused

17 May 2009, 00:09
They are pretty good!

17 May 2009, 02:56
where is Jasem to write installed?