View Full Version : WP Woo Blue Buttons

Treslo Kresha
24 Apr 2009, 04:58
Based on the WP Woo Free Icon Set (http://www.woothemes.com/2009/02/wp-woothemes-ultimate-icon-set-first-release/). Created for our board for a blue theme with a white or light background. Use them as you can - they are far from well-refined, but do work just fine.
Differences in filesizes due to strange exporting problems in photoshop.

Required to post them here or in a similar fashion due to the license agreement. Be sure that if you re-use them you note this in similar fashion when creating with "free" icon sets.

All files are GIF format.

Demo for the icons can be found here: http://www.inmyth.com/community/

Best, enjoy.