View Full Version : Very Cute & Glossy Button Rank Set For Video Forums

06 May 2009, 23:21
These forum ranks have been specially made for http://x264-BB.com
Demo @ http://x264-bb.com/showthread.php?p=21#post21

Make use of the glossy button color variations matching to your user group's HTML markup to create an uniform and professional look.

Fee free to comment or download these beautiful ranks now...

PSD file included for further edits you wish to perform. :cool:
Screenshot in attached too!

06 May 2009, 23:53

Wayne Luke
07 May 2009, 04:49
They look great but are rather large.

07 May 2009, 06:29
yeap, the included PSD files can be re-sized to your liking. I made those specially for postbit not for postbit_legacy. Feel free to size down but I guess the effect will not as clear & sharp.

07 May 2009, 14:39
Superb work, looks really nice :)

07 May 2009, 22:36
Very good, I wish I had a use for them. All the same great work, I've downloaded them for future use :)

13 May 2009, 17:26
Tanck You Very Good

14 May 2009, 06:57
They are large but great design. Something out of the box which I love

16 May 2009, 00:13
Too big tbh. Remove the guy from them, just keeping the box part then it'd be cool.